Dublin, Ireland: An Incentive Travel Featured Destination

Many people, especially in the United States, have Irish ancestry, and hope to one day visit the homeland where several generations of their lineage once hailed. However, sometimes planning a trip overseas can be quite time consuming and expensive, consequently ending in a missed opportunity. Today, through employee travel incentive programs, compliments of corporate executives and decision makers who wish to reward their most successful and top performing employees, people who wish to once day see the “motherland” will now receive the opportunity to travel to Dublin, Ireland. Because there have been so many Irish immigrants, the culture and history of Ireland has been preserved and can be traced back over a thousand years. This concept bears one of the central appeals to why many people would love to travel to Ireland—the chance to trace their lineage back several hundred years.

Though many people may think of Ireland as having an antiquated or feudal aesthetic—which is true for many parts of the country and is another major appeal for people wanting to visit—Dublin, Ireland has a wonderful and unique blend of medieval, classical, and contemporary scenery and architecture. For those who find medieval architecture and rural landscape attractive, there are plenty of castles, farmland, and open land filled with greenery. Individuals who prefer more classical styles, there is much architecture throughout Dublin, Ireland resembling 17th, 18th, and 19th century construction. Moreover, for people who want to experience the more modern Dublin, there are plenty of commercial locations filled with arts and entertainment, music concerts, excellent shopping, and enticing dining spots. Due to the city’s rich history, Dublin is flush with monuments and erected tributes paying homage to people and events that helped shaped the country.

Ireland is one of Europe’s most youthful cities, with nearly fifty percent of the population under the age of twenty-five. Therefore, one can imagine the nightlife in Dublin must be spectacular. There may not be a better pub, bar, and social establishment scene in the entire world, and one would be hard pressed to find better beer or whiskey anywhere else.

A vacation trip to Dublin, Ireland is definitely one of the most popular destinations through our employee incentive travel programs, and once you visit the magnificent city, you will understand why. Out of all the locations you could pick to spend your vacation adventure, not many other cities will offer the history, character, culture, and mystique that Dublin provides to its visitors.