Iguassu Falls: An Incentive Travel Destination

When a natural landmark appears on the list of the “Seven Natural Wonders” of a continent, then you know it must be impressive and a sight to behold. You know a waterfall must be incredible when, on seeing Iguassu Falls for the first time, former first lady Eleanor Roosevelt exclaimed “Poor Niagara!” Such is the case for Iguassu Falls in Argentina/Brazil, which indeed makes the list for the Seven Natural Wonders of South America. The falls is broken up into two hundred and seventy-five waterfalls over a one in two-thirds mile stretch. Because the waterfall is split into numerous, separate falls, Victoria Falls in Southern Africa is considered the largest fall in the world. However, not having the disputable distinction as the world’s largest waterfall does not make the Iguassu any less impressive.

Because Iguassu Falls makes for an unbelievable sight and is accessible to visitors, an incentive travel firm would be remiss not to include this destination as a travel incentive to companies looking to incentivize their employees. It is the duty of an incentive travel firm to provide availability to even the most remote places in the world, especially if the location offers a wondrous landmark that should be seen at least once in a person’s lifetime. Worthy of note, visiting Iguassu Falls places you in a tropical locale, in between Argentina and Brazil, with both countries offering their own flare and extravagance in case you decide to pursue traveling through parts of South America, since you are already there. We at Incentive Travel Solutions would be more than happy to provide detailed information regarding the two countries in the event that you wish to see them while embarking on a journey through South America.

The above statement should not take away from the aesthetic bounty Iguassu Falls offers to the adventure seeker. Taking into account the hiking trails, sights, guided tours, and resorts and spas near the waterfall, there is more than enough to do and enjoy for an extended vacation. People who have seen the falls describe is as nature’s most accommodating spectacle, meaning you could wake up every morning and go to bed every night with the Iguassu as the first and last thing you see every day, and still continue to be in awe of its magnificence every day of your life.

The only way to understand how truly breathtaking the Iguassu is, you must experience it for yourself. Simply looking at pictures and videos of the water falls should provide more than enough inspiration to do whatever is necessary to make sure you gaze upon its beauty in person.