Costa del Sol, Spain: An Incentive Travel Featured Destination

Coast of the Sun, a translation for Costa del Sol, provides insight on the setting provided by this southern area of Spain. As part of Andalusia, it is one of the many coastal locations residing along the Mediterranean, The region was originally a compilation of small settlements with fishing as a primary activity; however, Costa del Sol, Spain has grown into a renowned worldly tourist destination. The location now caters to more than two million travelers each year and has made its mark as a golf haven. Those making reservations between the months of June and October should plan well in advance as this timeframe is the busiest visiting time for Costa del Sol. It is important to know that a number of the businesses at this tourist destination shut down after October to take their own hiatus after the busy season.

Costa del Sol Sands & Shorelines

An abundance of beach settings are available to cater to the exact needs of each traveler. Individuals wanting the most picturesque coastal front should consider El Bajondillo. It is an iconic set of beachfront near the city of Malaga consisting of soft sand, bars, restaurants, and a few amenities not provided by alternative resort locations. These tourist businesses found along the beach promenade make it easy to access needed items while enjoying a day on the sand or in the water. La Carihuela is another beachfront location where early arrival is a must. Visitors who are lucky enough to get a spot on the sand have the opportunity to watch the village come to life, do a little shopping, and hang out at a café. Widely known as one of the cleanest coastal fronts, it offers several comfy sunshade beds for a day of relaxation and great Mediterranean seafood. La Fontanilla is a black sanded beach with a pedestrian promenade in a smaller setting that tends to be fairly packed during the busy time of the year. It supplies a one of a kind view of the ocean and houses a variety of tantalizing restaurants.

Area Activities

Golf is another drawing point of Costa del Sol since numerous resorts supply memorable accommodations, instant beach access, and excellent tee times. The top ranked courses in the region include Parador de Malaga Golf, Golf Hotel Guadalmina, and Lost Monteros. A few of the courses at this destination have been ranked among the best on the continent of Europe. A stay at one of the resorts makes them easily accessible since booking is hard to accomplish without the assistance of a resort. Park De La Paloma is a great spot to have a picnic or spend the day in nature. The park, lying just off the beaten path of the coastline, covers more than two-hundred thousand square meters. Museums, wildlife areas, water activities, artistic performances, and historic neighborhoods are all part of the island experience. Costa del Sol is a year-round destination where travelers are able to bask in the sun, play a round of golf, and try new, exciting activities. Whatever the interest, this travel destination provides the right atmosphere for a perfect getaway.