Limerick, Ireland: An Incentive Travel Solutions Featured Destination

Ireland, known for its Scottish heritage, is an island found just off the coast of continental Europe. Ranking third in size among all local islands, Ireland is a smaller neighbor to the United Kingdom. Its geography includes central plains, rivers, and lush vegetation with a milder climatic atmosphere fed by the Atlantic Ocean along with the Celtic Sea. Limerick is an Irish city found in the mid-western portion of the region with a history dating back to the early Viking settlements of the 800’s. The Normans brought notable architecture to Limerick with the most famous being King John’s Castle and St. Mary’s Cathedral. This city slowly grew into a trade area up to the eighteenth century; however, was hit hard by famine and political changes shortly after. Additions such as railways slowed down the economic decline, which ended in the nineties. These changes caused Limerick to become a central communication point for the region.

Local Irish Geography

The area climate is said to be temperate oceanic meaning it is mild with average temperatures ranging from sixty-eight degrees to thirty-nine degrees Fahrenheit depending on the time of the year. Limerick spans the Shannon River banks and has a bustling city environment due to its status as the Midwestern commercial capital. Individuals do not have to take taxies or travel extended distances to see the offered sights. Attractions can be found in the main section of the city on streets located to the south of the region’s most famous landmark, King John’s Castle. Irishtown surrounds this landmark and provides a good look into the cities historical origins. The castle was built on remnants of the original Viking settlement by the Normans and was taken over during the fall of Limerick to the Europeans. Today, the area is a cultural center to Ireland with University Concert Hall, the Customs House, and newer institutions offering a unique experience to visitors.

Limerick Area Attractions

Access to Limerick City is easily accomplishable through the Shannon Airport located only fifteen minutes away. King John’s Castle, built in 1212, is a top tourist attraction located next to the River Shannon. The fairly intact structure contains a few Viking architecture remains that have been uncovered on site. St. Mary’s Cathedral, founded in 1168, is a dedication to the Virgin Mary that remains as one of the oldest buildings in the city. Individuals can see the cathedral on all days except Sunday as it is still used by locals as a worship facility. Hunt Museum, home to the family’s personal collection, is available for exploring in an eighteenth century historic building called the Old Custom House. It houses thousands of artifacts from the region of Ireland along with many from other areas of the world. Seasonal tours can also be taken by boat or foot to view the city in its entirety. Limerick City Museum residing next to the castle offers numerous displays centered on the destinations history and manufacturing origins. Architecture, culture, rich history, and various attractions can be viewed by anyone traveling to this exclusive destination.