The World’s Largest Casino…Coming to a City Near You?

If the cards are dealt correctly the largest casino in the world will be constructed right here in the United States; Miami to be exact. A group of Malaysian developers are hoping to get the go-ahead for construction on a $3.8 billion gaming facility which would be larger than the six largest casino resorts in Las Vegas, combined the Daily Mail (London) has reported. Incentive travel clients who are big gamblers will have a new destination prospect on the East Coast.

The proposed project called, Resorts World Miami, is a small world within itself. The 800,000 square-foot project would include:

–          8,500 slot machines (within two separate casinos)

–          Four hotels with a combined total 0f 5, 200 guest rooms

–          1,000 residential apartments

–          A water facility the size of 12 Olympic size pools

–          A shopping mall

–          Over 50 bars and restaurants

–          A convention center & ballroom

Two and a-half times as big as the biggest casino in the United States- the Foxwoods Resort in Ledyard, Connecticut- the project hopes to give a 5.4 billion visitor boost to this Sunshine State city. Also, the project is expected to bring in over $800 billion in tax revenue, which would boost Florida’s economy, which is currently facing a deficit.  Thousands of jobs will need to be filled for the construction of the property, as well as to work on property once the project is finished.

Currently, there are laws set in place that do not allow for gambling in Florida apart from on Native American tribal lands, as is the case in many other states. Legislation was recently introduced in Florida which would open up gaming laws in Miami, if approved. The legislature would allow for three casinos to be constructed in Florida contingent upon $2 billion being spent building them. Several reports have been made that the Seminole Indian Tribe has spent over $140,000 fighting the construction of this mega-casino.