Incentive Travel Featured Destination: South Island – New Zealand Region

Though it might seem like it is worlds away concerning its distance from the United States, New Zealand has become more popular with destination travelers and adventurers who wish to travel the globe. However, when one begins traveling a trip to New Zealand, the monetary aspects of making such a dream vacation work most likely becomes overwhelming. For many, traveling to “the land down under” is not financially feasible. Fortunately, many companies, due to the popularity and employee preference of having a corporate travel incentive program in place rather than accepting a money bonus make traveling to such a faraway land a reality. Employee motivation programs, more likely known as employee incentive programs have grown so popular recently because it takes the groundwork and financial responsibility of coordinating a meticulous trip as it would be to plan a trip to New Zealand. In addition, finding the right time to take off from work, as well as getting enough vacation time can prove difficult, but having your company pay for the entire trip (which often includes spouse and perhaps children) makes it easier.

Therefore, if you are the lucky recipient of an all-expense paid vacation through an employee incentive program, and “down under” is your desired choice, then you must visit the South Island of New Zealand. Though the North Island is more populated and features more city dweller appeal, the South Island is by far the more scenic and adventurous, and it is the larger of the two islands. When we say you can do, quite literally, anything you want outdoors on the South Island, we mean it. The island consists of mountains, lakes, rivers, beaches, vineyards, trails, and even Hobbits (well, their homes, at least).  The climate on the South Island is temperate; matching the season you wish to embark on your trip, with only certain areas of the island hitting extreme highs or lows.

Getting back to what one can enjoy on the island, here is a list: skiing, surfing, nature hikes, camping, boating, fishing, any beach activity you can imagine, kayaking, rock climbing, sky diving, wine tasting in vineyards, visiting nature and wild life preserves, walking and/or hiking trails—the list goes on. It would be easier for you to visit South Island, and either explain or make a list of what you could not do while on your sojourn (though we imagine that list would be blank).

South Island, New Zealand is an outdoor adventurer’s dream come true. Take advantage of your company’s corporate travel incentive program, and make your way to the most adventurous place in the world. Do not miss this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.