Pebble Beach, California: An Incentive Travel Solutions Featured Destination

Pebble Beach, California: An Incentive Travel Featured Destination

Pebble Beach, California is known for its unique coastal beauty and as a golfer’s paradise. Relaxation, romance, comfort, and a one of a kind experience await those traveling to this heavenly location. Pebble Beach is a smaller coastal destination where everyone comes back with a memorable seaside experience. As part of Monterey County, this laid back location neighbors the Carmel-by-the-Sea, the Pacific Grove, and the Pacific Ocean. Its setting consists of many outcroppings of granite rock with old trees and abundant waters.

A Little Bit of History

The Pebble Beach name originated in 1836 as part of a land grant given to Fabian Barreto and was associated with a rocky cove found in the area. After Fabian passed on, this same piece of land was transferred to various owners until Chinese immigrants began to form fishing settlements. This same piece of land was purchased in 1860 by David Jack who held on to the property for roughly twenty years and then sold it to the Pacific Improvement Company (PIC). The Pacific Improvement company was part of the four big railroad tycoons at the time and created a seventeen mile picturesque road referred to as 17-Mile Drive after the acquisition. The Pebble Beach Lodge, originally constructed in 1908, was a popular stopping point along 17-Mile Drive in addition to a community center to individuals residing in the Del Monte Forest area. The property, after many changes of ownership, has remained as a top domestic tourist destination with plenty of attractions.

Best Time to Visit

The weather in Pebble Beach is best during the spring or fall because this timeframe offers the largest possibility for a clear skyline. A common fog during the summer months can hinder any golf game or decrease the opportunity to bask on the coastline in the sun. While the fog is not always welcomed by visitors, summer is a great time for those who like a mystery setting as portrayed in the famous Scooby Doo series. At times when big events are taking place, hotels fill quickly and those not attending one of the scheduled festivities might want to consider booking at a different time.

Things to Do

17-Mile Drive is one of the best ways to experience Pebble Beach in its entirety and is often the focal point of day trips to this destination. The Lexus Driving Experience is a stylish way to travel along the coastline while seeing the sights. A variety of the activities found at Pebble Beach are water oriented with oceanfront walks, swimming, and sun-basking being common. Golf is another high point of the area since the Pebble Beach Golf Links sits among the top ranked public courses in the country. Visitors are able to take lessons and reserve tee times for this ever so famous course. The Equestrian Center is another must see attraction that offers trail rides each day along the beautiful coastline. A local spa provides the ultimate day of relaxation including the unique Lasapa Leelima treatment of the natives. A variety of interest driving activities ensures visitors find their own little paradise when making their way to this unforgettable destination.

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