Prague, Czech Republic: An Incentive Travel Solutions Featured Destination

praguePrague with a population of over two million people is the largest city in the Czech Republic. The city provides immense culture, art, adventure, entertainment, and even a little romance to visitors. An oceanic climate delivers very warm summers; however, winters are typically chilly. April through December is the best times to see the numerous wonders offered by the city. Prague, existing for over one-thousand years, serves as an economic as well as political center to the European continent. Roman Emperors, the Habsburg Monarchy, and the Austro-Hungarian Empire make up the cities historical story. At the end of World War I, the city became the official capital of Czechoslovakia. Prague is also home to several cultural attractions that remain standing from the twentieth century. The city holds museums, galleries, theatres, and historical exhibits. While history and culture are two major drawing factors for visitors, many other modern attractions may be visited while touring the area as well.

Prague Castle

Previously occupied by Roman Emperors, Prague Castle is now the residing office area for Czech Republic government officials. As home to the Czech Crown Jewels, this structure remains as one of the largest existing castles throughout the world. This historical structure spans a length of approximately five-hundred seventy meters with a width of one-hundred thirty meters. The St Vitus Cathedral, Romanesque Basilica of St. George, defense towers, museums, and summer festivals complete the castle experience.

Old Town Square

Old Town Square displays the medieval settlement atmosphere once common to the Prague region. It is an older portion of the city actually separated from outside areas by a semi-circular moat that connects to the Vltava at both sides. Streets now cover the moat area which was dismantled during the fourteenth century by Charles IV after the founding of New Town. Multiple fascinations exist within this very popular tourist attraction portion of Prague including the ever so famous Charles Bridge.

Lennon Wall

Named after the famous musician John Lennon, the sight holds its own sentimental value to any fan of the Beetles. It was originally built as a simple wall in Prague but was soon transformed into a graffiti tribute to the musician in the 1980’s with various pictures and lyrics being added to its once empty canvas. New graffiti is continuously added making it a changing work of art. This historical trademark has now become a symbol of youth representing the idea of peace through individual artwork.

Modern Attractions

Shopping, dining, nightlife, and entertainment are just as much a part of the atmosphere supplied by this destination. The Czech Republic region supplies a memorable shopping experience visitors will have difficulty finding anywhere else. Street artists, jewelry, mementos, crystal glass, and numerous store fronts complete the shopping experience. After a day of shopping, visitors can take time out for a magical performance at one of many theatres existing through this historical city. Restaurants supply exceptional menus full of seasoned pork, cabbage dishes, dumplings, and rich sauces. Prague offers an abundance of things to do to anyone desiring a breathtaking destination with an immense cultural background.