Motivating Sales: Private Incentive Travel Trips Vs. Performance Bonuses

Companies that have a sales team spend lots of time and effort searching for talented salespeople. After these workers become employees, companies motivate them to use their talent to the fullest degree by providing them with lucrative, exciting rewards for doing so.

Two common examples of rewards that are offered to top performers on sales teams are private incentive travel trips and performance-based bonuses. Which type of award is more effective for motivating sales throughout the year? In the experience of many companies, private incentive travel trips are more effective than bonuses for the following three reasons, among others.

  1. Top Performers Already Receive Bonuses

Practically every top performing salesperson receives an annual bonus for his or her success in bolstering the company’s bottom line. Consequently, adding an additional, performance-based bonus to the bonus that will already be received is redundant. In terms of motivating top performance, this is why adding an incentive travel trip to the reward structure is more meaningful than tacking on another bonus, especially for workers who already receive top pay.

  1. Trips are Once in a Lifetime Experiences

When private incentive travel trips are planned with the help of an incentive travel trip planner, the goal is to make the excursions as memorable as possible to motivate the sales team to perform at the highest level. Special bonuses can motivate great performance, too. However, because bonuses aren’t as unique as well-planned travel trips, they don’t entail the “once in a lifetime experience” factor that can motivate employees in a way that monetary rewards can’t.

  1. Trips Make it Easy to Envision the Reward

Top performers on the sales team know that they’ll receive an annual, performance-based bonus, but exactly how much the bonus will be is impossible to predict until all of the sales numbers are tallied. Incentive travel trips are different. Salespeople know exactly what they will receive for performing at the highest level, and can constantly envision the reward as they develop quality leads, perform lead nurturing process, and turn prospective clients into clients.

Need Assistance Planning a Travel Trip?

If your company is looking for a new way to motivate salespeople to perform their best, offering private incentive travel trips is a great option for the reasons listed above. However, if you want an incentive travel trip to be so exciting that it provides your sales team with more motivation than a special performance bonus, using the services of an experienced incentive travel trip planner is strongly recommended. This is where Incentive Travel Solutions enters the picture.

For years, we have helped companies plan private incentive travel trips that are once in a lifetime experiences, and thus help to motivate salespeople to perform their best. Rewarding top talent with performance bonuses is important, too, but just as a travel trip can’t take the place of a bonus, a bonus can’t take the place of an awesome travel trip. To get started on planning a trip for your sales team, give us a call today at (704) 540-1482 to schedule a free consultation.