An Incentive Trip Will Improve Sales Team Performance

It can be argued that the most stressful type of job in any industry is sales. Salespeople often do not have a set pay; they often do not work for a salary, only strict commission. This means that sales representatives are only paid if they are successful. That is only part of the stress, as sales representatives have to travel often, must solicit business, make cold calls, perform public speaking (which is often rated as one of the most feared scenarios voted on by people), and work much longer hours.

What was just described above is not an intermittent schedule; it is the norm for a sales representative’s workweek. As you might have guessed, it is easy for a sales representative to feel or become “burnt out,” and sometimes, the performance of a company’s sales representatives, or sales team might slump, especially if figures and quota numbers are down. Though business executives try to compensate with high dollar commission incentives, this is often times not enough. Sometimes, salespeople just need a vacation or want to get away.

An incentive trip will improve sales team performance.

The statement above is quickly proven as a general fact, as more sales reps are lauding all expense paid vacation getaways so they can rest, relax, recuperate, recharge, let off some steam, and have fun. An incentive trip provides an outlet for pure, unadulterated, and uninterrupted stress relief. More tests and analyses are showing that the performance of both individual sales reps and sales teams surge after returning from an incentive trip. Also, those same tests prove that sales representatives and sales teams maintain a consistent level of success for longer period, not only after returning from an incentive trip, but also when compared to receiving a monetary bonus.

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