San Antonio, Texas: An Incentive Travel Solutions Featured Destination

San Antonio became one of the most rapidly expanding cities throughout a ten year period that ended in 2010. It was named after Saint Anthony of Padua who discovered the area during a 1691 expedition. San Antonio is best known for historical attractions such as The Alamo, Tower of the Americas, and Marriage Island. It offers a variety of versatile activities in a modern atmosphere with a little southern historical charm. This metropolis is the residing home of several military bases, five companies featured on the Fortune 500 list, and sits approximately seventy-five miles away from the state capital of Austin. The region has a semi-arid climate with temperatures sometimes surging as high as one-hundred ten degrees Fahrenheit in the summer months. Average lows during the winter range from forty to fifty degrees and the summer months experience the most precipitation. While historical sites are a main drawing point for individuals traveling to this destination, San Antonio supplies plenty of sun and fun activities to visitors with varying interests.

River Walk

The River Walk, located in the downtown region, is a tourist attraction with multiple shops, restaurants, and the famous Arneson River Theater. It is a network of walking areas lying along the San Antonio River bank approximately one story below the Downtown region and away from automobile traffic. Pedestrians can peruse shops located along the walkways, stop for a bite to eat, and make their way to several portions of the city. The River Walk provides a laid back, easy mode of travel for anyone wanting to take in the city while making their way to some of its top tourist destinations.

The Alamo

San Antonio history is best observed by taking a little time to visit The Alamo, which was once a Roman Catholic mission where the infamous battle took place in 1836. It is located in the Downtown region of the city and today is one of the most famous historical landmarks in the area. Originally built as a Native American educational compound by the Spanish Empire, the location later became a protective site for the Mexican Army. It continued to be used by military groups as a defensive action positioning point for many years. The city has preserved the location as a historical site for individuals who want to see this remnant of the regions past.


Downtown San Antonio is an area filled with stunning architecture and countless opportunities for fun. The Majestic Theatre, built in 1929, is one of the oldest performing arts facilities in the city and can seat just over twenty-three thousand people. It is a must see for every person traveling to the city. The Hemis Fair Park is a remnant of the first official world fair in 1968. Today, it houses various tourist attractions including the Tower of the Americas. Museums, galleries, classic architecture, shopping, and great food are common to each individual district. It is a modern atmosphere where travelers get to experience southern charm mixed with a rich history in a one of a kind setting.