Official State Birds and Flowers

The next time you run out of ideas for a theme, consider tying in room and/or table décor with the officially designated bird or flower of the state in which your event occurs. In other words, use pride of place as a placemat.


State Bird/Flower
 Alabama:  Yellowhammer/Camellia
 Alaska:  Willow Ptarmigan/Forget Me Not
 Arizona:  Cactus Wren/Saguaro Cactus Blossom
 Arkansas:  Mockingbird/Apple Blossom
 California:  California Valley Quail/California Poppy
 Colorado:  Lark Bunting/Rocky Mountain Columbine
 Connecticut:  Robin/Mountain Laurel
 Delaware:  Blue Hen Chicken/Peach Blossom
 Florida:  Mockingbird/Orange Blossom
 Georgia:  Brown Thrasher/Cherokee Rose
 Hawaii:  Nene/Pua Aloalo
 Idaho:  Mountain Bluebird/Syringa-Mock Orange
 Illinois:  Cardinal/Purple Violet
 Indiana:  Cardinal/Peony
 Iowa:  Eastern Goldfinch/Wild Prairie Rose
 Kansas:  Western Meadowlark/Sunflower
 Kentucky:  Cardinal/Goldenrod
 Louisiana:  Eastern Brown Pelican/Magnolia
 Maine:  Chickadee/White Pine Cone and Tassel
 Maryland:  Baltimore Oriole/Black-Eyed Susan
 Massachusetts:  Chickadee/Trailing-Arbutus
 Michigan:  Robin/Apple Blossom
 Minnesota:  Common Loon/Pink and White Lady’s Slipper
 Mississippi:  Mockingbird/Magnolia
 Missouri:  Bluebird/Hawthorn
 Montana:  Western Meadowlark/Bitterroot
 Nebraska:  Western Meadowlark/Goldenrod
 Nevada:  Mountain Bluebird/Sagebrush
 New Hampshire:  Purple Finch/Purple Lilac
 New Jersey:  Eastern Goldfinch/Violet
 New Mexico:  Roadrunner/Yucca Flower
 New York:  Bluebird/Rose
 North Carolina:  Cardinal/American Dogwood
 North Dakota:  Western Meadowlark/Wild Prairie Rose
 Ohio:  Cardinal/Scarlet Carnation
 Oklahoma:  Scissor-tailed Flycatcher/Mistletoe
 Oregon:  Western Meadowlark/Oregon Grape
 Pennsylvania:  Ruffed Grouse/Mountain Laurel
 Rhode Island:  Rhode Island Red/Violet
 South Carolina:  Great Carolina Wren/Yellow Jessamine
 South Dakota:  Ring-Necked Pheasant/Pasque Flower
 Tennessee:  Mockingbird/Iris
 Texas:  Mockingbird/Bluebonnet
 Utah:  Common American Gull/Sego Lily
 Vermont:  Hermit Thrush/Red Clover
 Virginia:  Cardinal/American Dogwood
 Washington:  Willow Goldfinch/Coast Rhododendron
 West Virginia:  Cardinal/Rhododendron
 Wisconsin:  Robin/Wood Violet
 Wyoming:  Western Meadowlark/Indian Paintbrush