Things that make Incentive Travel Programs Successful for Business

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Many corporations have already realized the benefits of incentive programs, but some are reluctant to participate, for fear the program may not be a success.  Understanding how the programs work can quickly alleviate any apprehension. An incentive travel trip acts as a motivational tool to improve productivity and achieve business objectives. Such programs allow participants to earn a travel reward based on a specifically defined level of achievement set forth by the company. The following are essential elements that work together to form the core foundation of a successful travel program:

  • The earning and selection criteria for the reward are clearly tied to business objectives.
  • Communication about the program and the progress participants are making toward goals is clear and consistent.
  • Detailed records are kept that both follow and prove the productivity of the earners and their contributions to the company’s financial performance.

Additional components that lend to the success of an incentive travel program include the open recognition of earners, networking opportunities for top performers so they can build relationships with both colleagues and management, collaboration between top performers and management concerning best practices and business ideas, and maximizing the motivation of current and potential future earners through the promise of a future continuance of the incentive travel program.

The following has been proven to be a direct result of a company’s promotion and provisioning of incentive travel programs for top earners in its respective business: the growing of a more positive organizational culture, the positive influence stemming from employee recognition throughout a business, the ability of a business to retain its top performers, rather than losing them to a competing company, and the sustaining of an employee’s drive to accomplish and exceed set individual and companywide objectives.

One of the strongest benefits an incentive travel program has on a business is its overwhelmingly positive influence on business culture. Employees most often respond very positive to recognition and being rewarded for a job well done. In addition, incentive travel programs boost employee competition. Moreover, though some may see the following as a potentially disastrous effect, the colleague competition, as it pertains to incentive travel programs, have resulted in positive gains for a business, and most often, those colleagues competing against each other often resulted in all of the competitors maximizing quotas, achieving goals, and more people qualifying for the opportunity to experience incentive travel programs firsthand.

As you can see, there are many components that make incentive travel programs successful for businesses – so many that it would be wise for your company to look into providing incentive travel programs for your employees.