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How Do Corporate Travel and Events Improve Company Culture? 

Many companies choose to build quality employee teams using corporate travel and events that foster the growth of a company’s culture and incentivize employees to become better at their jobs when they are recognized with rewards involving corporate travel and events. 

Retaining employees today requires thinking outside the box and brainstorming methods that you may not have thought about before. Hence, it becomes important to understand How Corporate Travel and Events Improve  Company Culture. 

This is where Incentive Travel Solutions can help. Founded in 2001, Incentive Travel Solutions prides itself on developing second to none corporate events and travel incentives that separate your company from all your competitors. Understanding the desires of your employee base and what motivates and drives them, allows Incentive Travel Solutions to tailor Incetive progrmas and travel to your comapny that will introduce friendly competition to the office and increase productivity.  In addition to boosting productivity, the shared experience of group corporate travel and events helps to strengthen your team and relationships in the workplace. 

In addition to helping you establish a successful incentive travel program complete with program development and tracking, Incentive Travel Solutions will also handle the intricate trip planning details. Planning large-scale group travel is a huge undertaking, but our travel planning professionals will make your experience fun and stress-free.

What Do You Get When You Work With Incentive Travel Solutions?

  • Global Knowledge and Extensive Travel Planning Experience
  • Expert Price Negotiation
  • Hotel and Flight Planning
  • Theme and Activity Planning
  • On-Site Travel and Event Managers

Want To Learn More About Corporate Travel and Events?

The experts at Incentive Travel Solutions are here to help you establish rewarding incentive travel programs and plan corporate travel and events that will promote team building,  productivity, and company culture. Let Incentive Travel Solutions make your company the most sought-after workplace in your market. Contact us here to learn more!


Business Travel Incentives

How To Enrich Company Culture With Business Travel Incentives

Business travel incentives are great tools for cultivating and fostering company culture which is an essential part of retaining employees and building successful teams. Using business travel incentives can help to make employees feel valued as team contributors, and even encourage some healthy competition. When it is time to plan your business travel, using a capable corporate travel management company can make a huge difference with every aspect of the planning and execution. 

For instance, arranging business travel incentives to locations that can accommodate the team members for lodging, group activities, excursions, and meetings will help assure that the team can focus on being fully immersed in their company’s culture while enjoying team building activities designed to support their common goals and celebrate their achievements. 

The services of a corporate travel management company are a valuable part of an individual’s experience when participating in incentive travel programs. Being completely taken care of, from booking flights and accommodations, to planning itineraries and providing real-time customer service at every point of the trip, ensures stress-free productivity. Let the professionals handle the fine details while you simply enjoy your time and participate in trip activities. If you are looking for a corporate travel and event management company that can provide you with all of this and more, Incentive Travel Solutions can help!

Advantages of Partnering With Incentive Travel Solutions:

  • Expert Global Travel Knowledge and Planning Experience
  • Easy Online Travel Registration
  • Flight and Hotel Booking
  • On-Site Travel Management Services
  • Business Travel Incentive Program Development and Tracking
  • Event and Theme Planning

Ready to Learn More About How Business Travel Incentives Can Improve Your Company’s Culture?

If you are interested in learning more about business travel incentives or need help with enhancing your current program, contact Incentive Travel Solutions here! The dedicated team at Incentive Travel Solutions can plan and provide exciting business travel incentives that will enhance your company’s culture and promote productivity and team building.


Company Travel Agency

What Is A Company Travel Agency?

A company travel agency is a travel planning firm that specializes in organizing corporate travel events and incentive travel programs. Corporate travel is a great way to enrich your company culture, build team relationships, increase morale, and drive productivity. Planning these events and programs on the other hand is a very big job, but working with reliable corporate travel planners makes company travel and incentive travel easy. Whether you are looking to establish an incentive travel program within your company to increase productivity, or are looking to plan a company trip for skill building and team bonding, corporate travel agencies can help. 


What kind of services will a company travel agencies provide? If you are looking for an agency that can handle both incentive travel planning and corporate travel event planning, Incentive Travel Solutions has you covered. Incentive Travel Solutions will provide services to help establish your incentive travel program, track goals, and plan your company travel. This includes providing services like hotel and flight booking, travel price negotiation, activity planning, traveler registration, and so much more. Working with a reliable company travel agency like Incentive Travel Solutions will make it possible for you to focus on your tasks or enjoy your trip without having to carry the extra burden of travel planning and organization.

Benefits Of Working With Incentive Travel Solutions:

  • Incentive Travel Program Establishment
  • Global Travel Knowledge
  • Skilled Travel Planning Experts
  • Expert Price Negotiators
  • Large Destination Variety
  • Activity And Itinerary Planning
  • On Site Travel Management
  • Easy Traveler Registration
  • Flight And Hotel Booking
  • Event and Theme Planning

Need To Find A Company Travel Agency?

If you are looking for professional help planning corporate travel and events, contact Incentive Travel Solutions herer! Incentive Travel Solutions has the knowledge and expertise to make sure your company travel goes smoothly, ensuring safe and productive corporate travel experiences. Call today to learn more!



Things that make Incentive Travel Programs Successful for Business

Over-water bungalows in Bora Bora, Tahiti

Over-water bungalows in Bora Bora, Tahiti

Many corporations have already realized the benefits of incentive programs, but some are reluctant to participate, for fear the program may not be a success.  Understanding how the programs work can quickly alleviate any apprehension. An incentive travel trip acts as a motivational tool to improve productivity and achieve business objectives. Such programs allow participants to earn a travel reward based on a specifically defined level of achievement set forth by the company. The following are essential elements that work together to form the core foundation of a successful travel program:

  • The earning and selection criteria for the reward are clearly tied to business objectives.
  • Communication about the program and the progress participants are making toward goals is clear and consistent.
  • Detailed records are kept that both follow and prove the productivity of the earners and their contributions to the company’s financial performance.

Additional components that lend to the success of an incentive travel program include the open recognition of earners, networking opportunities for top performers so they can build relationships with both colleagues and management, collaboration between top performers and management concerning best practices and business ideas, and maximizing the motivation of current and potential future earners through the promise of a future continuance of the incentive travel program.

The following has been proven to be a direct result of a company’s promotion and provisioning of incentive travel programs for top earners in its respective business: the growing of a more positive organizational culture, the positive influence stemming from employee recognition throughout a business, the ability of a business to retain its top performers, rather than losing them to a competing company, and the sustaining of an employee’s drive to accomplish and exceed set individual and companywide objectives.

One of the strongest benefits an incentive travel program has on a business is its overwhelmingly positive influence on business culture. Employees most often respond very positive to recognition and being rewarded for a job well done. In addition, incentive travel programs boost employee competition. Moreover, though some may see the following as a potentially disastrous effect, the colleague competition, as it pertains to incentive travel programs, have resulted in positive gains for a business, and most often, those colleagues competing against each other often resulted in all of the competitors maximizing quotas, achieving goals, and more people qualifying for the opportunity to experience incentive travel programs firsthand.

As you can see, there are many components that make incentive travel programs successful for businesses – so many that it would be wise for your company to look into providing incentive travel programs for your employees.


Choosing the Best Exotic Location for an Incentive Travel Program

incentivetravelHow to choose the best exotic location for an incentive travel program depends heavily on what a person’s personal definition of the word “exotic” is. When most people think of an exotic location, they think of tropical islands that have never been heard of. The truth of the matter is that everyone’s definition of “exotic” is subjective, meaning one person might think a tropical island is exotic, while another might think that a hard to reach, mountainous terrain with heavy snowfall is exotic. Choosing the best exotic location for an incentive travel program relies on the evaluation of the corporate executive responsible for putting together the program and issuing the incentive to the company’s employees. Therefore, if a company wishes to choose the most popular overall opinion of the best exotic location to send its employees deemed worthy of its benefit, they can opt to have a vote on the type of location where everyone should go. As an example, the company can have a vote to see how many more people prefer going to a warm, beached filled destination versus traveling to a mountainous location where snowboarding and skiing is considered the best in the world. In this manner, at least the majority will be satisfied.

Another way to go about choosing the best exotic location for an incentive travel program is the person in charge of putting this together for his or her business can contact an incentive travel company, such as Incentive Travel Solutions, and find out the types and availabilities of locations to where employees who are rewarded this benefit can go. This way, employees can get a specific virtual tour of each city or location, as well as what these places have to offer and what can be expected when arriving at the destination and spending time there. Contacting an incentive travel expert is a great ideas because they can give you specific facts as to whether a location will be tropical alone or perhaps include a city within a country rich with culture and sights.

Alone with location details, a representative from an incentive travel company such as Incentive Travel Solutions, can tell you which destinations and locations have been the most successful and rewarding, or which places are the most popular to which to travel. This way, you can avoid the back and forth that may come from providing several options to your employees, plus it will give you a solid idea of which vacations have been the most enticing, exciting, and rewarding for other businesses and employees.

Incentive Travel Solutions can help your business narrow down the options available concerning the locations your employees can be sent. An abundance of information will be made available for the locations offered through the incentive travel programs, which will help whomever is putting this all together for your company pinpoint the best place that will appease the masses.