Why Do People Love to Travel?

People love to travel, and they also hate it. If you send them on a two-week vacation to paradisal Fiji, they’re likely to have one of the best warm weather experiences of their life, and long to revisit the white sand as soon as they can. However, if you send them on a business trip to the same location, but with little to no time for leisure activities, the meaningfulness of visiting the delightful geography is largely lost.

Vacations and Incentive Travel

When we say people love to travel, we generally mean they are incredibly fond of leaving their locale — and their cares there — behind for all while. Taking traditional vacations is how most people satisfy their love for leisure travel, but embarking on incentive travel trips can be just as appealing, if not more so.

After all, incentive travel trips are on the employer’s dime, and they typically involve amazing, novel activities that most people wouldn’t plan on their own. If your company is considering using incentive travel as reward for its top performers, you have at least three reasons to do so, which are three of the biggest reasons why people love to travel.

  1. Escape

We often talk about escapism from a negative perspective, but the fact is: Taking an occasional break from our normal routine is psychologically healthy, as it allows us to press our proverbial mental rest button. People routinely “escape” in ways that aren’t healthy, but a well-planned incentive travel trip is a salubrious way to say goodbye to the daily grind for a while.

  1. Education

Here, we’re talking about education in terms of becoming more cosmopolitan by acquiring experiential knowledge. You can read about world class cities and nature sites in books, and you can see pictures of famous monuments on the internet any time you want. But nothing is quite like experiencing them firsthand, which engages all of the senses and not just the visual.

  1. Exploration

The desire to know more is one of the strongest inclinations we experience, and incentive travel helps satisfy our incurable curiosity. Examples of locations at trip destinations that travelers love to explore include: world class museums, indigenous eateries, stunning private beaches,

ancient wineries and vineyards, and gorgeous nature preserves, to name just a few.

Ready to Plan Incentive Travel?

If you decide that incentive travel would be a good option for your company’s employee reward program, Incentive Travel Solutions is here to help your plan the perfect trip, and manage the trip from start to finish to ensure that everything goes as planned. Whether you prefer to stay in the Western hemisphere or travel somewhere less familiar and more exotic, we’ll help you plan a trip whose exciting destination and activities motivate employees to qualify for the next trip.

To get started on planning an incentive travel trip for your top performers, give us a call today at (704) 540-1482, or use the contact page on our website. Your well-deserved adventure awaits!