Berlin, Germany: An Incentive Travel Featured Destination

Almost everyone has seen those MasterCard commercials that list the price tag on costs during a certain outing, but the result or culmination of the outing is said to be “priceless.” Those commercials are a perfect analogy for monetary bonuses versus the opportunity for corporate group travel. A solid monetary bonus at the end of the year for a job well done is satisfying and rewarding, but to receive an all-expense paid travel destination for a long needed vacation is beyond monetary value. Rest, relaxation, refreshment, recuperation, adventure, fun, excitement—to experience all of these wonderful adjectives by achieving an earned travel vacation is priceless. Many businesses understand the need for their employees to experience a life adventure sure to create lasting memories, which is why many companies are opting to provide corporate group travel for their successful workers, sales representatives, and executives.

Those unaware of the vast riches of history and culture found in the city of Berlin, Germany often conjure thoughts of the city as the epicenter during World War II when hearing its name. However, if you ask anyone who has been to Berlin, it would be safe to assume that people who have been there would tell you it is a marvelous city that should be visited at least once in a lifetime (but once you go, you will want to arrange multiple visits to go back). We can begin with the architecture, where visitors will find the most impressive and breathtaking constructions and buildings in all of Europe, one of which includes the famous Brandenburg Gate. Due to its rich history and culture, Berlin has some of the most interesting and educational museums, full of enthralling information and artifacts that date back centuries, and help explain the city’s influences and formation. Directly related to Berlin’s spectacular history is the reason why visitors will find several historical sites and monuments—including remaining remnants of the Berlin Wall—all of which are devoted to the memory of the city’s presence, influence, and resilience during periods of accomplishment, triumph, and achievement, as well as during setbacks and missteps.

An individual who is fascinated by abounding history and vast cultural phenomena would fall in love with Berlin, Germany. Those who appreciate a city with so much history, storied events, and, of course entertainment and adventure should be happy to find, through corporate group travel, their company or enterprise offers a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to visit such a city. Be thankful your place of business provides such a unique and fortunate opportunity, and, if given the chance, work hard for the pleasure of a dream trip to one of Europe’s most famous and magnificent cities.