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Incentive Travel Planners – How To Get Started With Incentive Travel?

Incentive travel is a great way to enrich your company’s culture and increase productivity, and working with incentive travel planners is the most effective way to build a successful incentive travel program in your workplace. If you are new to the world of incentive travel you may be wondering, what exactly is incentive travel and how does it work? Incentive travel is a proven way to boost morale and productivity in the workplace, by incentivizing performance with travel rewards. This works by setting goals that need to be met during a certain period of time in order to be rewarded with the travel plans. Incentive travel planners will establish an easy tracking system to keep tabs on your employees progress. This is an exciting way to bring friendly competition into the work space and encourage team building. 

How do incentive travel services help this process? In addition to establishing your incentive program, goal tracking, and promoting the program, incentive travel planners will also handle all the details of your trip. Planning large scale group travel is very intricate and without professional help it is easy to misstep, resulting in hang ups that can impact the trip. Incentive travel planning services will handle everything including traveler registration, flights and hotels, destination planning, activities, and more, so you can focus on your trip without worrying about the details. If you want to work with incentive travel planning experts who can provide all of this and more, Incentive Travel Solutions can help. 

Benefits Of Working With Incentive Travel Solutions:

  • Program Set Up and Tracking
  • Global Travel Knowledge 
  • Expert Travel Price Negotiation
  • Flight and Hotel Booking
  • Easy Online Traveler Registration
  • Event and Activity Planning
  • On Site Travel Managers

Want To Learn More About Incentive Travel Planners?

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What Are Incentive Travel Programs?

We all know what an incentive is. It’s something that motivates us to behave in a certain way in order to experience the benefit that is the incentive. This is the basic psychology behind incentive travel programs, which offer a highly desirable trip to a unique destination, plus lots of exciting activities, to people who meet the condition that triggers the incentive.

Who takes incentive travel trips?

Incentive travel trips are usually taken by high-performing professionals, who play a major role in bolstering their companies’ revenue. The trips are commonly taken by executives. It’s also common for a particular group within a company — such as a sales team — to take incentive travel trips.

How do people qualify for the trips?

It varies from company to company, but the qualification generally involves a financial goal, such as increasing the bottom line by a certain percentage within a certain period of time; or a business goal that positively impacts company finances, such as breaking last year’s goal for transitioning leads into clients. 

How long do the trips typically last?

There is no set length, but anywhere between one and three weeks of total travel is roughly the norm. In addition to the distance of the destination from the starting point, activities on the way to the destination or during the return have the biggest impact on a trip’s duration.

What kind of destinations are chosen?

Destinations are typically chosen for one of three reasons: natural beauty, culture, or historical significance. Many times, you’ll find all three distinctions within the same trip, but one of them usually serves as the primary reason for selecting the destination, as well as the travel route.    

What kind of activities are selected?

The best incentive travel trips entail exciting, unique activities that are native to the destination and/or created by the trip planner to provide a unique experience. Regardless of the “unique” activities that are planned, shopping, dining, and sightseeing as one pleases are often a part of the itinerary, as well.

What tasks do trip planners perform?

It depends on which planner you use, but a full-service trip planner does the following: coordinates all official travel and lodging arrangements, plans special activities that amaze travelers, performs a cost analysis to ensure the trip stays within budget, and sends a retinue of travel staff on the trip to assist travelers and take care of any details. 

About Our Company

Incentive Travel Solutions is an experienced incentive travel trip planner that’s helped numerous companies reward top performers with unique trips that create lifelong memories, and bring colleagues closer together as a team through shared travel experiences. We plan trips to some of the most naturally beautiful and historically cultured destinations in the world.

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Berlin, Germany: An Incentive Travel Featured Destination

Almost everyone has seen those MasterCard commercials that list the price tag on costs during a certain outing, but the result or culmination of the outing is said to be “priceless.” Those commercials are a perfect analogy for monetary bonuses versus the opportunity for corporate group travel. A solid monetary bonus at the end of the year for a job well done is satisfying and rewarding, but to receive an all-expense paid travel destination for a long needed vacation is beyond monetary value. Rest, relaxation, refreshment, recuperation, adventure, fun, excitement—to experience all of these wonderful adjectives by achieving an earned travel vacation is priceless. Many businesses understand the need for their employees to experience a life adventure sure to create lasting memories, which is why many companies are opting to provide corporate group travel for their successful workers, sales representatives, and executives.

Those unaware of the vast riches of history and culture found in the city of Berlin, Germany often conjure thoughts of the city as the epicenter during World War II when hearing its name. However, if you ask anyone who has been to Berlin, it would be safe to assume that people who have been there would tell you it is a marvelous city that should be visited at least once in a lifetime (but once you go, you will want to arrange multiple visits to go back). We can begin with the architecture, where visitors will find the most impressive and breathtaking constructions and buildings in all of Europe, one of which includes the famous Brandenburg Gate. Due to its rich history and culture, Berlin has some of the most interesting and educational museums, full of enthralling information and artifacts that date back centuries, and help explain the city’s influences and formation. Directly related to Berlin’s spectacular history is the reason why visitors will find several historical sites and monuments—including remaining remnants of the Berlin Wall—all of which are devoted to the memory of the city’s presence, influence, and resilience during periods of accomplishment, triumph, and achievement, as well as during setbacks and missteps.

An individual who is fascinated by abounding history and vast cultural phenomena would fall in love with Berlin, Germany. Those who appreciate a city with so much history, storied events, and, of course entertainment and adventure should be happy to find, through corporate group travel, their company or enterprise offers a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to visit such a city. Be thankful your place of business provides such a unique and fortunate opportunity, and, if given the chance, work hard for the pleasure of a dream trip to one of Europe’s most famous and magnificent cities.

Bali, Indonesia: An Incentive Travel Featured Destination

Bali is a unique coastal destination consisting of breathtaking hills, mountains, rice terraces, rugged coastlines, beaches, and barren volcanic masses. It provides a picture perfect setting for any individual or family wanting to get away from the stresses of daily life. The areas distinctive culture and deep spiritual roots contributes to the locations popular nickname of the “Island of the Gods.” Bali is an ideal vacationing spot for travelers who desire a world-class diving or surfing experience. It also holds several historical and archaeological attractions that are easily reachable from a plethora of accommodation choices.

It is an Indonesian province lying to the west of Java and the east of Lombok as part of the Lesser Sunda Islands. Mount Agung, an active volcano, is the highest elevated point on the island; however, many other elevated points can be found throughout the region. Rice crops lie to the south of the central mountains where they steadily descend and the northern portion of the mountain range has a steeper slope, which makes it ideal for coffee production. Bali is completely surrounded by coral reefs and the whitest sanded beaches lie on south side of the island along the resorts.

Popular Tourist Areas

Most tourist activities remain in the southern portion; however, certain excursion opportunities exist in other regions of the island for the more active traveler. Kuta, one of the most developed Bali cities, is a great location for surfing, shopping, an active night-life scene, and local culture. Visitors desiring a quieter, upscale resort area have the option of Seminyak. This suburb region holds a variety of fashionable restaurants, trendy bars, and dance clubs for fun nights near the beach. Sanur houses an abundance of sea-side resorts that are an ideal family location while Ubud, the cultural center of Bali, provides travelers with sightseeing opportunities such as museums and craft shops.

Bali Attractions

Bali is a perfect vacation destination offering extremely pleasant daytime temperatures ranging from seventy to ninety degrees Fahrenheit all year. Rain is more common between the months of December and March; however, the days remain sunny as most precipitation occurs in the afternoon for only a short period of time. The Hindu temples residing in Bali are one of the locations prevalent drawing points. A number of temples exist throughout the island since each village must maintain at least three as part of area customs.

The Bali shoreline consists of both white and black sanded beachfront with the exception of a few forest areas and straight cliff drops. Visitors should take some time to see a few of the museums in the area or to peruse local crafts. Scuba diving, surfing, white-water rafting, fishing, and swimming are a few water fun options made available to visitors. Sightseeing tours are another great choice for exploring the numerous wonders of Bali. Individuals desiring fun on land can choose from horseback riding, jungle trekking, mountain cycling, or paragliding. Whatever the desire, Bali is an island paradise where travelers get to bask in the sun while enjoying some their favorite activities in a gorgeous setting.

Creating an Incentive Travel Program

Looking to start an Incentive Travel Program for your company?

Described below are three initial steps which should be taken before contacting an incentive travel partner.

Motivating employees to do their very best within your company is golden. As humans we revel in the opportunity to show our skills and thus be rewarded. Incentive trips have been proven to motivate employees like no other incentive offer.

Incentive travel programs allow employees to work towards a tangible reward. Also, a program such as this offers the possibility to satisfy each human being’s inherit desire to see and travel the world. As an innovative way to motivate employees, the positive impact an incentive travel program within a company can bring is worth looking into. The following three steps will help you in launching an incentive program which can potentially show an increase in business, employee retention, and office place morale.

Identify the goal.

A clear and concise goal must be defined in order to create a successful employee rewards program. A few examples of achievable goals are: increased profit, customer and employee retention, improved work place morale, improved employee productivity, and team building. In which of these areas will your company benefit from most? Although an incentive travel program will likely boost improvement in each of these areas, it is important to state a single common goal which employees can work towards. Once a goal is selected, provide each employee with a specific objective which they must meet to qualify.

Determine how to fund the program, and create a budget. Funding an incentive travel program should be considered a business investment which is likely to pay off for all parties involved (company and employee). There are two ways to fund the program. 1) Using a fixed amount of money dependent upon a projection of sales or a yearly budgeted amount. 2) Using a portion of expected increase in (monetary) performance which would be the result of the program.

Monitor employee performance.

Evaluate success indicators by tracking performance of employees through a variety of ways such as sales increases and customer retention. Employees must agree to a common goal which must be met in order to qualify for program participation. Goal measurement must then be agreed upon by both employees and employers.  Flexibility must be considered in the event that extenuating circumstances arise which prohibits the employee from meeting the desired goal. The goal must not have the ability to be manipulated by either group and should be reasonable and attainable.

Incentive Travel programs should be created and performed with immense care. They are often big investments which have the strong ability to pay off extremely well when implemented correctly. Take time in finding the right incentive travel partner who will take all of the work and worry out of planning and executing a successful program.