Full Service Incentive Travel: What Constitutes Full Service?

Companies use incentive travel trips to motivate employees to reach business goals, but all employees need to focus on is qualifying for the trips. As their employer, planning the details of the trips up to you. If you don’t specialize in arranging incentive travel trips — which is the case for most companies that participate in incentive travel — implementing full service incentive travel will likely require the help of an experienced incentive trip travel planner. When you use us as your trip planner, your trip is arranged to be “full service” in the following six ways.

  1. Budgetary Considerations

An incentive travel trip is no fun at all if it doesn’t synchronize with your company’s travel budget. This is why the first step of a full service incentive travel trip is selecting a destination and activities there that accommodate your budget. With our assistance, you can plan a fantastic trip that doesn’t compromise your budget concerning other business travel needs.

  1. Destination Selection

When companies conjure up their version of the best travel destinations, it often includes heavily touristed places such as mainland Hawaii, European cities such as London and Paris, and U.S. destinations such as New York and L.A. Travels to these locations can make great trips indeed, but there are also a variety of other special destinations a professional trip planner can send your way. The goal is to choose a destination that thrills you and your hard workers.

  1. Travel Arrangements

For most vacationers, making great travel arrangements is a necessary evil of embarking on a great vacation. The same applies to companies that provide incentive travel trips. We eliminate the hassle of planning complex travel arrangements by performing airline travel negotiation, securing hotel contracts, providing flawless web registration, and handling other essentials.

  1. Planning Special Events

There’s a lot less enjoyment in arriving at a splendid destination if you have nothing to do after you arrive. This is why we specialize in arranging travel activities that provide memories that will last a lifetime. The activities you enjoy obviously depends on where you travel. Given our experience with world travel destinations, we’re the perfect choice for planning special events.

  1. On-Site Travel Staff

Full service incentive travel is capped off by having a dedicated, on-site travel staff attend your group to its destination, and oversee activities after you arrive. The staff stays in the background and only comes into play to resolve special needs and take care of incongruencies between the event itinerary and events. Having a dedicated travel staff helps you, as the trip provider, relax, knowing that everything will be overseen and attended to by the well-trained travel staff.

Need Full Service Incentive Travel?

When they’re implemented with the assistance of an experienced travel trip planner, full service incentive travel trips provide the most hassle-free, enjoyable travel experience. If this is the type of travel experience you want for you and your employees, Incentive Travel Solutions is here to make the difference.

To get started on planning your full service incentive travel excursion, please contact us today by calling (704) 540-1482, or fill out the contact form on our company website.