Incentive Travel is Alive and Well

Incentive travel became an unspoken term among business environments as a dwindling economy caused financial cutbacks within organizations. A recovering economy along with the recognized need for heightened employee motivation has brought this concept back full force. Recent surveys have reported an expected rise in use of this motivational tool in the next three years. Incentive travel is slightly different than previously applied programs seen a few years ago. If you have been considering new ways to inspire employees to perform better, a few facts must be covered to provide the complete view of what this motivational program has become today.

These programs, previously viewed as simply fun, have transformed into a more serious type of incentive approach where companies are focused on factors such as accountability, bottom line spending, execution, and promotional aspects. They want to make certain dollars are dispersed appropriately and that the program remains centered on the achieved goal from implementation all the way through trip completion. What caused incentive travel to take such a dip only a few years ago? You might remember the issue of a particular insurance company spending a large sum of money on a reward while on the verge of receiving government bailout funding. The resulting outrage of shareholders and the general public caused many companies to drop these inspirational tools altogether.

How Are These Programs Making Their Way Back Into the Workplace?

Incentive travel has taken center stage again as the economy stabilizes and the smoke has finally blown over; however, the event caused the outlook of these programs to be a little different. Proposals must include hard data showing the value of implementation in order to justify the expense. Chief Financial Officers want to be capable of justifying such a program to ensure organizational interests are the top priority. Budgeting, financial requirements, and goal oriented itineraries are essential for this justification. If it cannot be justified, then the odds of approval are far less. Adding a business meeting to the itinerary is one way to better justify this type of reward. Authentic experiences offering insight on the uniqueness of a location are another justification method being applied by companies. Some destinations offer the chance to incorporate social responsibility projects as part of the getaway by holding charitable events where visitors can partake on behalf of the company.

Various changes such as the above mentioned have caused a surge in the popularity of incentive travel and a professional can help with the planning aspects of a program to make certain the right impression is provided. Incorporation of supportive business features has caused these programs to become increasingly rigorous to gain the offered reward. The investment is being justified long before it is offered and each program is tailored to specific objectives. Incentive travel provides the experience individuals need to strive toward achievement. It offers a longer lasting effect than alternative motivational methods and can be used to promote the success of numerous organizational goals. Recent changes have furthermore improved an already affective approach and allow an organization to maintain a desired reputation while rewarding employees for their good work.

Incentive Travel Programs vs. Merchandise Incentives

Companies are beginning to see the benefits of choosing incentive travel over handing out merchandise. Despite popular belief, a trip reward is easier to put together and manage than its product based alternative. Trip rewards provide a much longer effect than monetary or merchandise tactics. Here are a few of the reasons why a travel based motivational approach is the simplest option:

  • Buying Upfront is Not Necessary
  • No Time Required to Pick Out the Item
  • Stocking and Shipping Are Non-Existent
  • Do Not Have to Worry About Participants Having the Item
  • No Contract
  • No Minimum Fees to Guarantee Availability
  • Prize Does Not Become Obsolete
  • Remaining Product or Return Hassles Are Not a Concern

These factors greatly reduce the time required to manage one of these programs. A professional assists with the destination selection, planning, and implementation portion of an incentive travel program. Your company focuses on promoting the event and monitoring employee or customer progress. When it is all said and done, you pay with the profit already received from accomplishing the achieved goal.

Why Is This Approach Effective?

The opportunity to see a distant location serves as an immense driving force to any individual. Everyone wants the chance to walk on the sandy beaches of Fiji or to experience the artistic presence of Paris, but in many cases never gets the opportunity. Nothing has the motivational impact like a well-planned incentive travel program and products do not provide the same effect. Larger merchandise can foster increased effort; however, the improved productivity and loyalty dwindle shortly after the award. Trip incentives have increased hype that can last throughout the entire length of the program with the right promotion. This excitement and inspiration continues as the individual or team experiences the chosen destination and remains present long after they have returned to the normal work environment.

Experts Make the Process Easier

How does an expert service help make trip incentives better than any possible merchandise award? You must begin by choosing a provider with immense experience in the industry who has the ability to evaluate your business and the program at hand. A quality service provider can tailor the entire package to your event making certain the goal remains as the main focus throughout its entirety. Experienced professionals perform these among other functions:

  • Airline Booking
  • Reserving Accommodations
  • Itinerary Creation
  • Sightseeing Tour Reservations
  • Meeting Scheduling
  • Charity Event Booking
  • Day or Night Event Reservations

An incentive travel program can be awarded individually or to an entire team for their efforts. Individual awards are easy to manage whereas group travel entails a little more work. Group trips require money upfront in some cases; however, they offer the benefits of increased enthusiasm, higher sales, and improved loyalty, A product based approach cannot provide comparable results and this factor has caused numerous organizations to choose incentive travel programs over any other option. You will have to set goals, announce the contest, and promote the award for the duration of the program. Professionals take care of all the rest to make this approach just as rewarding for your company as it is for each winner.

Using Group Incentive Travel to Boost Company Sales

Group incentive travel is a proven method for gaining the increased sales a company needs when certain profit objectives must be met. The idea of a vacation stirs the motivation an individual or team requires to supply maximum effort. Most people dream of a distant location, but never have the opportunity to make it a reality. Financial complications, children, and additional factors escalate the difficulty experienced when an individual desires this type of break from the norm. Incentive travel in a work environment gives everyone the chance to enjoy a free vacation. This motivation is shown in daily productivity and received sales as a program progresses. Even though only a few selected people will win the award, everyone realizes its benefits and works hard to have their chance of a dream vacation.

The incline in effort supplied by each staff member boosts an organizations bottom line regardless of how many will actually have the opportunity. Engagement, ethics, attitudes, productivity, and brought in profits all experience an upsurge when these programs are implemented correctly. Group incentive travel typically focuses on a team of individuals working in the same area such as sales. Everyone attempts to reach a specific sales range or to sign on a set number of customers over a specified time period. Those surpassing set objectives have the chance to be rewarded for their additional effort with a once in a lifetime trip.

How Can Programs Be Used to Achieve Heightened Results?

Incentive travel can have multiple purposes in a business setting depending on the desired goals to be achieved. Here are a few reasons for implementing travel related motivational programs:

  • To Reward Individuals or Teams for Additional Effort
  • As a Conclusion to Meeting a Short Term Objective
  • Use of Destination Meeting Locations to Facilitate Team Building
  • Promote the Company or Services to Prospective Customers
  • Award Long Term Customers

A highly motivated staff with exceptional morale has a better chance of closing each sale. Employees work better when they know they will be awarded for the amplified effort. Regular salary motivates an individual to be productive to an extent, but does not always encourage individuals to work beyond the bare minimum. Incentive travel takes over at this point by providing exactly what a staff needs to continue pushing themselves. Awards can be offered over a shorter time span to receive a fast increase in sales or only be given to those who receive the highest number of new customers or transactions throughout the year.

Free giveaways, customer reward programs, destination meetings, and various other purposes can offer better results when incentive travel is added to the picture. A professional service assists with the itinerary, cost, and planning of the trip. These experts have the ability to put together goal oriented packages to top destinations at a rate within an organizations financial capability. Companies using group incentive travel to heighten sales can add inspiration by visually posting progress, holding drawings, and creating quality runner up awards. A qualified professional ensures rate, location, and situational needs are in place to provide a stunning experience.

Invest in Your Employees with Incentive Travel

Numerous companies view incentive travel as another organizational expense; however, this perception does not appropriately portray the true significance of the approach. These programs supply an exciting, motivating way for investing in your employees to receive improved productivity and build loyalty. Just as with a college trust fund, this approach is a way to invest in the future of your business by creating a productive environment where employees feel valued. Staffs who feel important are further encouraged to work toward company goals. Trip rewards increase the bottom line of an organization and offer a great investment return when they are planned appropriately.

The environment within a workplace today is far more competitive than it once used to be. Staffs are competing against each other in a negative manner to receive recognition, promotions, and additional benefits. Businesses within specific industries rival to gain the best employees from their competitors. Incentive travel creates an environment for positive competition where everyone works together to achieve determined objectives while striving to receive something they desire. These reward programs also increase employee attitudes regarding the organization thus improving your chances of retaining the best staff members rather than losing them to the competition.

Why Consider Employing a Professional Service?

A professional service can ease the cost of this endeavor by assisting with destination selection, accommodation booking, itinerary planning, and execution. Incentive travel services help you to create the best program at a set price. This makes it easy to maintain an affordable yet effective program for continued investment in a quality staff. These packages are not just a getaway that has been put together on the fly. Professionals create a plan with:

  • Uniqueness to the Business
  • Focus on the Determined Goal
  • Incorporated Work Elements

With the right expertise, knowledge, and experience, a professional has the ability to make any plan a true work of art. Each incentive travel package is unique in regards to the business and goals being achieved. Service providers can include a meeting or charitable event to ensure the trip has the elements necessary to make such a reward justifiable. Having this assistance allows you to create the best plan while freeing up time to focus on the organization.

Incentive travel is a motivational concept that has been used in the business setting for centuries; however, many companies do not know the best route or how to get the ball rolling. An extensive selection of program types makes determining the best choice for a particular industry or business objective difficult. You can choose from these categories among others:

  • Individual
  • Group
  • Team
  • Company-Wide Performance
  • Sales Incentive
  • Training Programs
  • Customer Loyalty
  • Product Launch

Choosing the perfect destination, great accommodations, and a rewarding itinerary are the professional’s responsibility. An organization can take their time reinforcing the goals at hand by promoting the program to personnel while being able to focus on core functions. Professionals are available to help develop the most optimal package for improved motivation and goal achievement. Incentive travel is one of the most successful ways to get more out of your staff and the right help guarantees the desired results are received.

Ingredients of a Successful Incentive Travel Program

Incentive travel programs have been a long used motivational tool by businesses to inspire the accomplishment of set objectives by offering achievers a unique reward. These goal centered packages are meant to recognize earners by supplying a trip to a one of a kind destination.  What exactly drives an implemented package to be effective in this setting? Every program is different in its own sense; however, certain core elements have been noted as essential:

  • Recipient and Goal Selection
  • Communication
  • Package Design
  • Executive/Manager Reinforcement
  • Detailed Record Keeping

Selection of individuals to receive the reward must be based on the determined business objectives. The program along with each participant’s progress must be communicated in a consistent manner. This communication should be used to generate anticipation about the upcoming reward for continued motivation. A program has to include a desirable destination, a good itinerary, and include collaborative sessions to maintain excitement. All upper level administrators should reinforce the organizations overall commitment to the award. Detailed records allow each participants productivity to be properly tracked to determine who will be given the award.

What Additional Event Aspects Maximize Success?

A company cannot simply throw together a set of objectives, a trip package, and then announce it briefly in a morning meeting. These incentive travel approaches require a little more finesse to ensure the desired results are received. An event should also recognize earners, supply continued motivation, offer networking possibilities, and nurture collaboration. A program does not stop after earners have been determined, but instead continues to serve as a motivational tool beyond this point. Earners should be recognized and inspired to continue putting forth their maximum effort. Networking opportunities with key administrators are important for building beneficial relationships within the organization. Earners can collaborate with higher level managers or additional earners to generate stunning ideas, create best practices, or inspire others to work toward future goals.

Studies have shown this inspirational approach to have an impact on participants long after their timeline has expired. Incentive travel programs offer more value to individuals than a coffee mug or small monetary reward. The organization, receiving individuals, chosen location, and professionals assisting with the package receive benefits from this implementation. Companies are supplied specific advantages when a package is carried out correctly:

  • Relationship Building Opportunities
  • Motivated Employees
  • Improved Organizational Culture
  • Positive Work Environment
  • Employee Gratitude
  • Better Retention
  • Desired Behaviors

It is the consistent benefits supplied by incentive travel that makes it appealing to an organization. A program must be put together correctly, properly communicated, and continuously promoted to maintain motivation throughout goal achievement. This creates a lasting effect on all involved employees where work ethic is significantly boosted. Those receiving the reward have the opportunity to not only see an outstanding destination, but also network with key personnel within the company for future success. They serve as an inspirational tool to anyone who did not earn the reward. Awarded persons are encouraged by future incentive travel programs and influenced by the received trip for an extended period of time after completion. The above items make a strong program where an organization can meet objectives and create a highly motivated, successful staff.