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Incentive Travel – Making Work FUN!

incentive travel programsIt is easy to focus on the organizational benefits received from an incentive travel award such as better productivity or increased sales; however, another important positive effect is also provided by a well-planned program. A striking incentive reward drives job performance to a whole new level because it provides individuals with the opportunity of a unique experience. While the end result is essential, an organization begins to gain advantages prior to reaching this portion of the event. Incentive travel encourages improved staff involvement, creates a competitive environment, and promotes hard work throughout an organization. The fostered competitiveness feeds the urge for additional effort in a healthy manner. An organization typically sees these changes as a program progresses:

  • Improved Attitudes
  • Promptness
  • Teamwork
  • Boosted Morale
  • Heightened Involvement
  • Pride in Work

Why are employees so motivated when this opportunity is presented in the workplace? Location and value are the two largest inspirational factors being put on the table by trip incentives. Thousands of people dream about visiting places like Rome or Paris; however, they never receive the opportunity to make these trips happen. Individuals place a value on an incentive travel package and strive hard to reach the goals set for attainment. Cash rewards or small gifts simply do not have the same effect on an individual as the possible chance of a getaway. A good promotional campaign regarding the program is essential for continued results as employees strive to complete objectives.

These incentive packages can be used to create a fun work atmosphere where everyone gets wrapped up in the excitement.  Employees are not tense, wake up excited about their day, and bring a positive attitude with them to the workplace. Most individuals show increased pride in their daily work. Every person is on time, ready to do their job, and delivers quality labor to the organization. This creates a specific type of environment where everyone is driven, positive, and engaged.

Incentive travel can be used to add a little fun to each day as the program is being administered. Here are a few things companies are doing to increase excitement and create a fun atmosphere:

  • Themed Snack Tables
  • Posters
  • Drawings
  • Games
  • Decorations
  • Promotional Videos
  • Destination Supportive Emails
  • Intermediary Prize Giveaways

These efforts create continual excitement among employees and supply further motivation toward meeting program goals. Small efforts to make the workplace increasingly fun do not hinder productivity or prevent responsibility completion. They foster the improvements necessary for success while supplying the hardest workers a significant prize. The above are used to heighten morale as employees put out the extra effort. A professional service can assist with the planning of a program and supply ways to continually encourage employees for the duration of the event. They are essential when a company does not have the experience, resources, or time to set the incentive up. Experts ensure all details are covered, deliver a desirable destination, and keep a company within their determined budget. Numerous additional resources can be found online for providing continued encouragement through workplace fun. This type of atmosphere can boost program success tenfold and is important when employees are being pushed to the limit.


Incentive Travel: It Works for Budgets Big or Small

budgetsThe value of incentive travel has served many years to encourage and motivate workers to do their very best. In regards to businesses, the lure of incentive travel has captured the interest of many employees, customers, sales people and clients in various fields.

For years business owners have enticed employees with the prospect of incentive trip invitations based upon their level of commitment and performance within the company. Recent studies have found that the use of such programs has indeed boosted the overall success of companies, including, of course, an increase in revenue.

Employees who work hard are normally doing so as a result of some sort of incentive. When the incentive is a trip to a wonderful destination, employees will perform outstandingly well in order to win that trip. As an incentive trip stands to award employees for their hard work, the recognition employees receive by merely winning the trip is an incentive in itself. Also, many companies hold award ceremonies in order to personally recognize their achievements. The result of such a ceremony will likely continue to lure employees into giving their best so that they can be recognized by their superiors more often. The feeling of accomplishment will last long after the trip is over and will encourage employees to continue in their efforts to win the next available trip as will pictures and memories. Life enrichment is also exceedingly valuable to participants. Travel offers cultural experiences which broadens horizons and introduces the customs of other people and places.

Group incentive travel, the primary method most offered by employers, can educate, build team spirit, improve morale, and increase the productivity of top performers. Another important aspect an incentive trip offers is providing quality time for management and winners to network and become better acquainted with one another. Employees often love to spend time one on one with their employers; a truly personal experience which creates relationships outside of the workplace. This often motivates employees to work hard in the workplace in order to “look good” to the employer, just as students tend to do in school.

Corporate budgets for incentive travel can be big or small and there are plenty of destinations to accommodate both. Many companies start out by allocating a small amount to their initial trip, often choosing a domestic destination, in order to see the benefits of an offer. Travel awards have indefinable value to workers that can drastically surpass their actual cost. Travel in itself is valued higher than its actual cost which is a plus in and of its self. If and when the benefits become apparent and are rewarding, and revenue is increased, budgets often increase as well. More desirable destinations are chosen with a variety of activity options offered which further entice employees. Programs should always be rewarding, and never exhausting. Even to budgets.

The Incentive Travel Company You Should Be Looking For

incentive travel destinationAfter the wise decision has been made to create an employee incentive travel program for your business, the next step is to find and research a potential incentive travel company to partner with. The best way to develop your businesses program is to outsource the job, allowing for incentive travel experts to complete the significant task. The benefits an incentive travel company can bring to your business are vast, but it is vital to work with a good-quality agency, one that is a cut above all the rest.

Finding an incentive travel company that will satisfy all of your needs, and more, is fundamental to the success of your incentive travel program. A good incentive travel company should take all of the worry and planning out of creating an incentive travel program for your business. Search for an incentive partner who will take the time to understand your company’s goals and expectations, thus tailoring a unique program to fit your requests. A clear comprehension of the dynamics of your employees, their age range, and their travel preferences is important for an incentive travel company to seek out. Companies who inquire about that sort of information provide the indication that they are truly interested in creating an incentive program exclusively designed for your company. After consulting with a top-rate company of this sort, they will design a program proposal for your approval. All travel details such as hotel accommodations, airline tickets, entertainment choices, and meals are arranged by your travel partner and only have to be approved by you before being implemented. They will do their best to make your program truly special, while staying within the proposed budget and are able to do so because of their industry connections and knowledge. Experienced incentive companies have the ability and contacts to negotiate the best possible rate on airfare, lodging, and entertainment.

Experience. One of the most important qualities of an excellent incentive travel company. It is highly important to choose a company that has a substantial amount of incentive travel experience. Those in the industry know that each and every program is different. Experience in both planning and executing multiple trips is virtually the only way to become a pro in the industry. This provides for the opportunity to create lasting relationships with hotel and airline suppliers. Also, knowing and working with suppliers over a length time ensures the best quality of service and participation. It is also helpful to look for a travel partner who specializes solely in incentive travel, therefore spending all of their time working in that specific trade.

As you can see, it is very important to choose the right Incentive Travel Company to partner with. Our company specializes in incentive travel and more than covers all of the above mentioned criteria of a successful incentive travel company. We take the time to plan each and every trip with precision and accuracy, making us a superior incentive travel partner.

Exotic Vacaions

Looking for Incentives For Employees? Try Exotic Vacations

cultural adventureIt has always been imperative for businesses to keep their employees happy and motivated. What better way to do so than to create an incentive travel program with the help of a professional company? Many employees, especially during this time of recession, are struggling to make ends meet and are worried and stressed as a result. Employers must find a way to keep employees interested and working at their full potential. Vacations have traditionally been a way to escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life; especially from the workplace. However, in this economy many are not able to enjoy such pleasures nor can they afford to take the time off of work to do so. Employers who offer incentive trips allow for the average employee to enjoy an all-expense paid vacation that doesn’t require taking time off of work. Trip winners are allowed to bring a guest along also, which adds to the list of advantages. With that being said, there isn’t a better way to entice employees to do their best. They have something tangible to work towards, something every human being enjoys: traveling.

vacation massageProviding the perfect catalyst for inspiring and motivating employees to excel at their jobs, employee incentive travel has been proven to generate greater employee retention, satisfaction and productivity. The renewal of customer loyalty and retention can result along with the generation of new clientele. When offering the opportunity to win an incentive trip to members of a sales team, monetary benefits will emerge. Sales forces will be revitalized, an increase in sales will show, and new sales tactics will be learned as an increase in sales practices are utilized, making the company more efficient. After all, travel has a much higher perceived value than most other incentives and will surely be something to brag about both before and after the trip takes place!

Incentive trips can increase employee loyalty to your company.  Announcing the location of the trip mid year will create motivation and excitement for your employees. Winners of such trips will strive to win the reward year after year.  When the winners return from a trip, they create an exciting buzz of what a great time they had. Therefore, those who did not win are all the more motivated to strive to win the next year. An incentive trip will create a bond between fellow employees sharing a fun experience in a unique destination and is proven to create a great boost in team moral before and after the trip.

As humans we revel in recognition. Naturally, employees in the workplace do the same. Knowing that a job well done equals being recognized by a superior within the workplace makes people strive to work harder to reach a desired goal. Being rewarded physically as well as verbally while on the trip is an added bonus. Therefore it is beneficial to hold an awards ceremony during the trip to reinforce the recognition of each employee, individually.

Learning and understanding corporate culture and company objectives relating to its employees allows for your travel company to specialize in site, entertainment, and meal selection for your group. Each individual, as well as each group, are unique.  Group dynamics must be studied to ensure the perfect accommodations, entertainment choices, and destinations for your specific employees.

Incentive Travel Solutions specializes in creating and executing unbelievable trip experiences completely tailored to your company’s needs. Ask us how we can help to motivate your employees by creating incredible experiences in all corners of the world!

Creating an Incentive Travel Program

Looking to start an Incentive Travel Program for your company?

Described below are three initial steps which should be taken before contacting an incentive travel partner.

Motivating employees to do their very best within your company is golden. As humans we revel in the opportunity to show our skills and thus be rewarded. Incentive trips have been proven to motivate employees like no other incentive offer.

Incentive travel programs allow employees to work towards a tangible reward. Also, a program such as this offers the possibility to satisfy each human being’s inherit desire to see and travel the world. As an innovative way to motivate employees, the positive impact an incentive travel program within a company can bring is worth looking into. The following three steps will help you in launching an incentive program which can potentially show an increase in business, employee retention, and office place morale.

Identify the goal.

A clear and concise goal must be defined in order to create a successful employee rewards program. A few examples of achievable goals are: increased profit, customer and employee retention, improved work place morale, improved employee productivity, and team building. In which of these areas will your company benefit from most? Although an incentive travel program will likely boost improvement in each of these areas, it is important to state a single common goal which employees can work towards. Once a goal is selected, provide each employee with a specific objective which they must meet to qualify.

Determine how to fund the program, and create a budget. Funding an incentive travel program should be considered a business investment which is likely to pay off for all parties involved (company and employee). There are two ways to fund the program. 1) Using a fixed amount of money dependent upon a projection of sales or a yearly budgeted amount. 2) Using a portion of expected increase in (monetary) performance which would be the result of the program.

Monitor employee performance.

Evaluate success indicators by tracking performance of employees through a variety of ways such as sales increases and customer retention. Employees must agree to a common goal which must be met in order to qualify for program participation. Goal measurement must then be agreed upon by both employees and employers.  Flexibility must be considered in the event that extenuating circumstances arise which prohibits the employee from meeting the desired goal. The goal must not have the ability to be manipulated by either group and should be reasonable and attainable.

Incentive Travel programs should be created and performed with immense care. They are often big investments which have the strong ability to pay off extremely well when implemented correctly. Take time in finding the right incentive travel partner who will take all of the work and worry out of planning and executing a successful program.