Papal-Basilica-Saint-Peter in the Vatican.

Incentive Trips Crafted with Imagination & Vision

“I got a guy”… as the saying goes. At Incentive Travel Solutions we have many “guys” and ladies around the world that are critical to our success. Our key destination partnerships are vital to a flawless and memorable incentive travel program.

One such partnership is extremely special. The ITS travel partnership in Italy goes back almost 25 years. The partnership has become a friendship, and we are proud to share this relationship as well as all of our travel relationships with you, our clients and their special guests.

In 2014, our partners in Italy offered Incentive Travel Solutions and our clients a special event. Imagine your guests gathering for an evening out in Rome.  Imagine passing by the St. Peter’s Cathedral, one of the most recognizable churches throughout the world. Then, imagine turning into St. Peter’s square with your guests as they stare out the window, anxious to take pictures of this beautiful basilica. Now imagine, a private tour of the Vatican and Sistine Chapel without the thousands of visitors.   And, following the private tour, imagine a reception and dinner in the gardens of the Vatican. This dream can now be a reality thanks to the Incentive Travel Solutions planning Team and our special partnerships in Italy.

An incentive trip starts with an imagination and a vision. Turning that vision into a reality takes years of experience and dedication. Incentive Travel Solutions Team looks forward to sharing our vision and experience with you and your guests.