Trains, Planes and Gondolas – Creative Incentive Travel Trips

Incentive Travel Solutions operates 75% of its client’s annual trips internationally in Europe and around the world. Read on to discover how remarkable we make incentive travel trips for your team.

Traveling Abroad

When traveling abroad the ITS planning team incorporates many different modes of transportation. Touring in a motor coach day after day can be monotonous, boring and not very creative. The ITS Team, for example, incorporates train transfers throughout Europe whenever possible. The trains are affordable, efficient, clean and unique for many American travelers. During the train experience we include magazines, and many times upgrade the meals and snacks on board. In addition to trains, the ITS Team utilizes boats, vintage cars, trams, trollies, limousines, rail cars, and many other unique transfer methods.

Vienna, Austria

In 2012, ITS operated a client incentive trip in Vienna, Austria. The final night black tie gala dinner was being hosted at the Schonbrunn Palace, the Summer home of the Austrian Royal Family. With a group of 350, it is sometimes difficult to transfer guests through major European cities without a motor coach. Yet, with creative planning, a first class travel team, and years of logistical expertise anything is possible. The ITS planning and on-site Team was able to transfer all 350 guests to their formal dinner in horse and buggies…AND with a glass of champagne along the way. The client’s winners and their guests loved the evening open air transfer and the event was a great success.

The Wow Factor

Creating special memories during incentive trips does not always have to increase our client’s budget. The Team at Incentive Travel Solutions takes pride in making recommendations that give a wow factor experience and keep costs in line.