Luxurious Incentive Travel Trips: 4 Ways to Make Trips More Luxurious

Now more than ever before, luxury is a subjective term. For example, almost everyone sees an off the rack Armani suit as a luxury item, but the luxuriousness of the suit might not meet the standards of a bespoke suit from Kiton, which could cost thousands of dollars more.

The same principle applies to luxurious incentive travel trips that companies use to motivate business performance. There are lots of “luxury” options, but not all of them offer the same level of luxuriousness. If you want offer your employees a trip that truly typifies luxury, including the following elements in the trip is an excellent way to kick off the trip planning process.

  1. First Class Travel

Luxurious incentive travel trips begin the moment you board the plane, train, or boat to embark on your journey. When creating a trip that focuses on luxury, first class is the only way to travel. Regardless of how you travel, first class accommodations typically offer the most room, the most comfortable seating, and the highest level of access to the transportation provider’s value-added services, such as gourmet meals, diverse IT capabilities, and digital entertainment.

  1. Five Star Hotel Accommodations

After you set the standard for luxurious incentive travel trips by scheduling first class travel arrangements, it’s important to extend the luxuriousness to the hotel where you stay. Options for five star hotels involve some familiar names, such as Ritz Carlton and Four Seasons, but there may also be independent luxury at the destination that offer the same level of service. An incentive travel trip planner will apprise you of the five star hotel options at the destination, and help you decide which of them most offers the type of luxury you’re looking for in the trip.

  1. Activities Involving Luxury Products

Examples of activities that involve luxury products include visits to famous wineries, eating at the best restaurants, and taking excursions to famous foot shopping districts, such as Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills and Savile Row in London. If you’re dedicated to offering the most luxurious trip, activities at the destination should ideally feature access to luxury products that your hard working employees typically don’t sample of purchase just every day.

  1. On-Site Travel Staff

Another key aspect of a luxurious trip is having on-site travel staff with you for the duration of your journey. From resolving unforeseen glitches in the travel itinerary, to scheduling additional activities at the destination, to assisting travelers with personal wants and needs, on-site travel staff essentially function as assistants that help you enjoy the leisure that typifies luxury travel.

Who We Are

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