Opportunities your Company is Missing by Not Having a President’s Club Trip

A president’s club trip speaks volumes to your employees because it shows how their efforts are valued. Recognition programs not only reward employees, but also contribute to the culture of the organization. These trips are given each year to the top performing employees and typically last anywhere from a few days to a week.

While it is easy to view these trips as a vacation, they do much more for a company. A president’s club trip encourages staff members to step up and become leaders. If you are not offering this opportunity to your employees, then you are missing out on several performance advantages.

4 Ways a President’s Club Trip Helps Your Business

Incentive programs such as this have a number of benefits for both employees and the companies providing them. Many organizations are offering them to top performers in areas outside of sales such as customer service and product development as well. Here are 4 ways your business can benefit by offering a president’s club trip:

  1. Source of Healthy Competition – The rules are well-defined and everyone knows what they need to do to win.
  2. Encourages Team Bonding & Sportsmanship – A well put together incentive plan will further encourage teams to bond together thus increasing productivity. It also provides abundant opportunities for mentoring upcoming performers.
  3. Drives Continuous Improvement – Reward programs encourage employees to continuously build on their achievements. This results in higher sales and creates a foundation for even better performance as time passes.
  4. Makes the Highest Achievers Feel Appreciated – Showing recognition to employees who have surpassed status quo is important within an organization. When done properly, other employees see what can happen when they work hard and are encouraged work hard to achieve set goals.

President’s club trips do not create an elite group of unreachable performers when set up appropriately. Instead they encourage every employee to put their best foot forward and strive to perform better to receive the reward. They also encourage staff members to help others in reaching these goals through mentoring. It all starts with the right plan and follow through by the company. If you have been considering a president’s club trip, our team at Incentive Travel Solutions can help. Contact us today to get started!