Amsterdam: An Incentive Travel Featured Destination

Amsterdam delivers a little something to every vacationer rather the desire lies in seeing famous works of art or relaxing with a cup of coffee in a local coffeehouse. As one of the largest cities in the Netherlands, Amsterdam started out as a tiny fishing village and transformed into a vital world port at the time of the Dutch Golden Age. Canals, developed during the 17th century, lie at the center of Amsterdam and provide an interesting view of this destination. Visitors have several intriguing activities to choose from including:

  • Historic Canals
  • Museums
  • Anne Frank House
  • Red-Light District
  • Cannabis Coffee Shops
  • Boutiques
  • Entertainment Venues

As a popular tourist destination, Amsterdam caters to just about every individual interest whether traveling alone or with the family.  Museums housing pieces of work created by some of the most famous artists in the world can be found throughout the city. The locations oceanic climate is influenced by western winds from the North Sea and winters are mild for the most part. Summers remain fairly hot with an average temperature of just a little over seventy degrees.

Transportation in Amsterdam

Most attractions in the city of Amsterdam are easily accessible by foot; however, services such as public transit can be used to get around. Public transit systems use a ticketing system where a reloadable or disposable card is purchased for touring the city. Travelers have the option of buying a ticket based on hours that ranges from one to one-hundred sixty-eight hours at no additional cost. Public transportation options in the city include the Tram, Metro, and bus with ferry services or boat rentals as alternative choices. Bicycle rentals offer another interesting form of travel and visitors can always grab a taxi at a little higher price. Whatever mode is chosen for getting around, Amsterdam has plenty of choices for having a fun-filled vacation.

Things to See & Do

While the museums, districts, and coffeehouses are common drawing points for visitors, a variety of alternative experiences lie around every corner including a large number of historic buildings. The street pattern found in Amsterdam remains basically unaltered from what it was in the nineteenth century since the area did not experience any significant bombings during the Second World War. Visitors with architectural interests should spend a little time at the historical city centre. Consisting of approximately ninety islands and countless bridges, the centre provides a beautiful view regardless of the time of the day.

The Van Gogh Museum, Ann Frank House, and the Rijksmuseum are a few of the artistic sites of the region. A museum card can be purchased to have access to more than four-hundred museums found throughout the Netherlands. Private tours are an option for seeing all the city has to offer and can be taken by boat, bus, or car. Visitors can also take a free tour in one of the diamond factories or spend a day walking along the canals while shopping at a market or boutique. Amsterdam offers plenty of options for the active traveler or those who just want to relax when staying at this exquisite destination.