Incentive Travel Destination: Zermatt, Switzerland


travelThough many people associate the summer as a time for vacation travel, more people are using their time off during the colder seasons to enjoy the now immensely popular skiing and snowboarding destinations. For those who love for the mountains and the right kind of snowfall that makes for opportune skiing, they have heard that there is no region better for ski conditions and beautiful trails and scenery than the Swiss Alps. The drawback—because of how incredible and exotic the Swiss Alps, and the ski resorts within the region are, the cost not only to get there, but to stay in a resort or lodge and pay for skiing is wildly expensive. Therefore, places in the Swiss Alps, including the resorts in Zermatt, Switzerland have become thought of as elitist, as only people of extreme wealth can truly afford to enjoy all it has to offer due to the cost of a trip.

For those who have been fortunate to vacation and ski in Zermatt, Switzerland, many will say one would be hard pressed to find a better place in the world to ski—not only because of the town and the resorts, but also because of the beautiful mountainous terrain and the excellent “powder” (what ski aficionados call the snowfall during the ski seasons). If you were to research the city of Zermatt online, it would only take you a few minutes to realize the beauty of the town, as well as the numerous winter and summer activities that can be enjoyed. The architecture is unmistakably of European influence, and the sparse population gives Zermatt a feel of a quaint, yet beautiful little town—making for the perfect getaway.

For those who work for a company that offers employee incentive programs, a dream vacation to a place like Zermatt can easily become a reality. Corporate travel incentive programs give hard working employees the opportunity of a lifetime—to go on an all-expense paid vacation to a place in the world they might not be able to afford on their own. If you have constraints about when you can take time off and are worried you might miss the ski season, Zermatt is located in a high altitude region, meaning one can enjoy skiing year-round. This is one of several reasons why the city has become a mecca for avid skiers—the ability to ski or snowboard anytime of the year.

A vacation to a place such as Zermatt is what makes employee motivation programs so successful. After a week or two of spending time flying down slopes and enjoying other athletic or leisurely activities enlivens hard workers, which means they come back refreshed, energized, and ready to resume their duties. In addition, they stay motivated to make sure they never miss the wonderful opportunity to embark on an incredible vacation destination in the future.

Rewarding Employees with Incentive Travel Trips

As unbelievable as it might sound, business executives are finding that monetary bonuses just are not motivating employees the way it used to. Some believe that it may have to do with quota or goals being too far fetched to attain, while others believe that employees simply make peace with not fulfilling what is seen as merely an extension to a salary with which they have become comfortable, and never expected to receive additional funds in the first place. However, more businesses are finding success by rewarding employees with incentive travel. The success found with offering incentive travel likely has to do with the providing of a fresh alternative, combined with the notion that more people are favoring vacations over other types of rewards, but either do not have the funds or the time to take a long vacation that requires immense traveling.

Whatever the reason, businesses are finding success with incentive travel solutions across the board, which is why it is quickly gaining popularity. If rewarding employees with incentive travel is proving, with the overwhelming statistics from other companies, that productivity is increasing and corporate morale is dramatically improving, is it not time for your business to give it a try? You should contact a company seasoned in providing incentive travel options to businesses, such as Incentive Travel Solutions. At ITS, we take pride in our consistent success record with our consistently hassle-free booking, as well as our overwhelming approval record with the destination choices we offer.

All businesses live and die with employee output. Business owners are smart, and are rarely naïve and ignorant when it comes to inconsistencies in employee production. Reverse the negative trend by rewarding employees with incentive travel options. Contact ITS right away, and one of our seasoned professionals will explain, in detail, how our operation works, and how your company will drastically benefit from our wonderful incentive travel options.

Dubai, UAE: An Incentive Travel Featured Destination

Today, many company bonus plans include all expense paid trips instead of monetary payouts, and employees are starting to prefer this trend. Employee vacations on company pay are an excellent way for top executives and decision makers to reward their most successful workers. When people think of vacation destinations, most consider locations in Europe with beaches, famous cities, and perhaps a mountainous terrain with a ski resort as optimal places. However, unique incentive travel plans provide destinations most people would not think of as a great spot to spend some down time. One such city that would be listed under unique incentive travel plans is Dubai, UAE (United Arab Emirates).

The initial thought of traveling to the Middle East, to some,  may seem foreboding. However, to pass on the opportunity to visit Dubai would be to miss a city that has truly become one of the most beautiful, enthralling, and impressive in the world. The city is located near the Persian Gulf, which makes for enjoyable aquatic outings, including views of the spectacular islands and coral reefs, fishing expeditions, and yachting excursions. Dubai’s architecture and construction has created some of the most breathtaking skyscrapers and high-rise buildings the world has ever seen, making the city on the most popular new cosmopolitan metropolises a person can visit.

Dubai, UAE is home to the world’s tallest building, the Burj Khalifa, and boasts several tall buildings that make for some of the most impressive views overlooking what is considered a beautiful and miraculously developed city. Dubai is also surrounded by the Arabian Desert, which is perfect for those who would love to travel into an expansive desert that cannot be embarked on from most regions of the world that do not have a dry enough climate to produce such terrain. Dubai has also become a business hub, not merely for the Middle East and oil company giants, but because of its embracement of Western style economic growth, the city is home to several financial corporations.

Do not let the fear of a contentious territory prevent you from experiencing a city whose business-oriented metropolis rivals any big city in the U.S., as well as the world. Worthy of mention is the culture of these great people, which is much more profound and vast than the stereotype created by a few narrow-minded media outlets. The true beauty of such a historic culture and people has not been given its just due. Dubai, UAE should be placed at the forefront of a list for unique incentive travel plans that companies wish to offer their top producing employees.

How to Motivate Employees

Keeping employees motivated is essential to the success of a business, at any level. More often than not, and especially in larger companies, managers and executives often fail to realize when an employee becomes discontent. When an employee becomes discontent, his or her work habits suffer, and the job he or she is tasked to perform becomes slack, and eventually hurts the company before anything can be done to fix the situation. Consequently, this employee is usually let go for perceived laziness or insubordination. However, in truth, who is to blame?

Many who read this are probably more likely to empathize with the disgruntled employee, who probably worked hard for a considerable period, bet felt lost in the shuffle, and decided, since no one recognized the hard work he or she put in, that the long hours just simply was no longer worth the effort. Others may read this and think to themselves that the frustrated employee is paid to perform a duty, and that duty was not completed consistently, therefore he or she should be released for not holding up their end of the bargain. After all, since when did we become a society that needs to be recognized for every good deed, and that performing our job is a duty that requires constant goading to perform?

Whatever side of the fence you fall on, the fact is that today’s workforce needs motivation. The following should provide an excellent idea on how to best motivate employees.

Offering workers corporate incentive travel programs is a wonderful way to motivate employees. It is true that the workforce has been putting in more hours, and pay has not increased in accordance with the longer hours worked. Providing bonuses is certainly an option, but why not offer employees who work crazy hours to get their job completed in exemplary manner a vacation destination to a beautiful and fun city? This way, employees get to refresh themselves by either relaxing or taking part in fun and adventurous extracurricular activities, or perhaps both.

Motivating employees through corporate incentive travel programs will accomplish two important aspects to a worker’s routine—they will work harder toward achieving goals in order to attain the incentive travel program, and it provides an escape from the stress a daily grind at the office creates.

Travel expertise combined with extensive knowledge of resorts and hotels allows Incentive Travel Solutions to offer a variety of destination proposals to choose from. Contact us today to see how we can work within your budget to create an exciting and rewarding experience for your employees.