Incentive Travel Cruising Benefits

A functional alternative to the normal fly and stay incentive travel program, cruising to a desired destination can be very beneficial. As the incentive travel industry makes a big comeback post-recession, new and creative itineraries are being utilized. The option of a cruise is becoming more and more appealing. Cruising provides many unusual travel opportunities that incentive travel providers and clients find value in. The top ten beneficial reasons to plan an incentive travel program aboard a cruise ship are provided below, in no particular order (that’s for you to decide!)

1.   Unpack once, and done!   Many incentive travel programs consist of dual (or more) itineraries to different destinations. It can often be stressful to unpack, re-pack, and unpack once again after traveling to yet another destination. Once settled on a cruise ship, your vacation can start and end worry-free.

2.   Island hopping.   A cruise enables passengers to visit and explore multiple islands, without boarding a plane (or packing).

3.   Inexpensive cruise packages.   The majority of cruise lines offer incredible cruise deals, especially for groups. Considering that many incentive travel programs are held in the summer, this is the best time for cruise package specials. Beating the summer heat is also an added bonus. Why stay in a scorching hot city when you can sail the high seas and feel the breeze of the ocean!

4.   Private cruise sailings.   In the instance that a large incentive travel group plans to take a cruise, it is a good idea to sail the ship privately. The entire ship and its crew are then able to devote all of their expertise solely to the group which enhances the level of service provided.

5.   Something for everyone.   No matter the age, cruise ships have activities for everyone on board.  From rock climbing to water slides, golf lessons to a regulation sized basketball court, there is no shortage of exciting adventures to experience.

6.   Less expensive airfare.    Airfares to U.S. ports of call are much more affordable than to international destinations. Airlines often offer special rates to cities which are cruise ship ports of call. Also, there are now numerous ports of call along the coasts of the United States to choose from.

7.   An abundance of food options.   Cruise ships offer multiple dining options aboard, which are included in the fare. From buffets to formal dining, and sushi bars to pizza joints, there are always fresh and delicious options to choose from. Furthermore, dining is available at all hours. There are midnight buffets and around-the-clock room service, free of charge. For special occasions, many cruise lines have a steak house or similar restaurant aboard, for a nominal charge.

8.   Remarkable views and sunsets.   While sailing the seas there is no shortage of amazing views. Whether it be passing by an island and enjoying the view from afar, looking over the ships’ rails into the deep blue ocean and seeing an abundance of marine life, or basking in the glow of some of the world’s best sunsets, when the sun is descending upon the horizon, the views a cruise ship offers are hard to come by elsewhere.

9.   Meeting and event spaces are free to utilize.   Hotels and resorts often charge a hefty fee for using their event venues and function spaces.

10.   A vast array of entertainment options.   Enjoy a show in the theater, a movie on the top deck, dance the night away in one of the many clubs, play bingo in your down time, or laugh out loud in a comedy show.