How Incentive Travel Motivates Your Team

We’ve all imagined the image of relaxing on the beach with a cold drink and our main squeeze. You can actually hear the water crashing into the shoreline and feel the warmth of the sun. Even the salty smell so familiar to the ocean can be present when dreaming of this perfect getaway. It is this type of visualization that makes incentive travel a success. The same picture is depicted on television commercials, in travel brochures, and everywhere in-between. Employers understand the impact these programs can have on productivity or attitudes in the workplace. An enticing getaway offers continued motivation long after the trip has been experienced. Individuals perform the same visualization tactic when a trip becomes a possibility in a work environment. This vision feeds a person’s longing to earn such a reward consequently allowing companies receive improved work ethic, an inspired staff, and astounding productivity.  

 The Inspirational Benefits of Fulfilling Unobtainable Desires

Incentive travel must fulfill a difficult to obtain desire to be effectively carried out over an extended period of time. You want to offer something that promises long term company loyalty and the unique experience necessary to foster continued drive. Cash awards are short lived meaning the incentive disappears as soon as the monetary amount does. Travel provides memories unlike any other incentive since pictures and conversations are available for motivational backup. This direction also allows hard working staff members to get a much needed break for their continued efforts. Additional factors make incentive travel the best choice for team motivation. Here are a few reasons why these programs deliver better results:

  • Destination Awards Are Remembered Longer
  • Provide the opportunity for A More Exciting Program
  • Workers View Cash as a Form of Compensation
  • Trip Possibilities Remain on the Mind As Work is Being Performed
  • Travel Opportunities Encourage Increased Efforts
  • Ability to Supply an Appealing Reward

While only a few people will actually receive the award, the idea itself increases the output of every person who has the possibility of winning the getaway. Various surveys show equivalent results making incentive travel the best direction for obtaining productivity, sales, and individual work ethic improvements. Companies choose this direction as a way to receive organizational benefits while supplying the recognition necessary for incomparable group or individual effort.

These programs can deliver astounding results when they are organized well and defined correctly. Companies desiring to offer such a reward to a team or as an individual incentive should ensure it has easy to understand goals, an exceptional itinerary, and the inspirational elements necessary to foster productivity. Various aspects determine how a reward is perceived by individuals. Most attempt to put a monetary value on the trip, but then view it as a performance award rather than a compensation item. They then justify if the required effort is worth the achievement offer and gain reinforcement through the trophy value of the award. A trip supplying a high monetary value, improved status, and that is viewed as a possible achievement will stir increased motivation. We can help you incorporate these aspects into a goal oriented program to ensure this endeavor is not only affordable, but a worthwhile company investment.