Ingredients of a Successful Incentive Travel Program

Incentive travel programs have been a long used motivational tool by businesses to inspire the accomplishment of set objectives by offering achievers a unique reward. These goal centered packages are meant to recognize earners by supplying a trip to a one of a kind destination.  What exactly drives an implemented package to be effective in this setting? Every program is different in its own sense; however, certain core elements have been noted as essential:

  • Recipient and Goal Selection
  • Communication
  • Package Design
  • Executive/Manager Reinforcement
  • Detailed Record Keeping

Selection of individuals to receive the reward must be based on the determined business objectives. The program along with each participant’s progress must be communicated in a consistent manner. This communication should be used to generate anticipation about the upcoming reward for continued motivation. A program has to include a desirable destination, a good itinerary, and include collaborative sessions to maintain excitement. All upper level administrators should reinforce the organizations overall commitment to the award. Detailed records allow each participants productivity to be properly tracked to determine who will be given the award.

What Additional Event Aspects Maximize Success?

A company cannot simply throw together a set of objectives, a trip package, and then announce it briefly in a morning meeting. These incentive travel approaches require a little more finesse to ensure the desired results are received. An event should also recognize earners, supply continued motivation, offer networking possibilities, and nurture collaboration. A program does not stop after earners have been determined, but instead continues to serve as a motivational tool beyond this point. Earners should be recognized and inspired to continue putting forth their maximum effort. Networking opportunities with key administrators are important for building beneficial relationships within the organization. Earners can collaborate with higher level managers or additional earners to generate stunning ideas, create best practices, or inspire others to work toward future goals.

Studies have shown this inspirational approach to have an impact on participants long after their timeline has expired. Incentive travel programs offer more value to individuals than a coffee mug or small monetary reward. The organization, receiving individuals, chosen location, and professionals assisting with the package receive benefits from this implementation. Companies are supplied specific advantages when a package is carried out correctly:

  • Relationship Building Opportunities
  • Motivated Employees
  • Improved Organizational Culture
  • Positive Work Environment
  • Employee Gratitude
  • Better Retention
  • Desired Behaviors

It is the consistent benefits supplied by incentive travel that makes it appealing to an organization. A program must be put together correctly, properly communicated, and continuously promoted to maintain motivation throughout goal achievement. This creates a lasting effect on all involved employees where work ethic is significantly boosted. Those receiving the reward have the opportunity to not only see an outstanding destination, but also network with key personnel within the company for future success. They serve as an inspirational tool to anyone who did not earn the reward. Awarded persons are encouraged by future incentive travel programs and influenced by the received trip for an extended period of time after completion. The above items make a strong program where an organization can meet objectives and create a highly motivated, successful staff.