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Health & Wellness in the Workplace – Would an Incentive Travel Trip fit the Bill?

incentivetravelThe growing concern for health and wellness of employees in the workplace has made the implementation of corporate wellness programs into the work environment a recent trend. The concern over a worker’s health effects businesses of all sizes, as the size of a company does not negate or influence the amount of stress an employee might have. Therefore, businesses are working towards integrating wellness strategies and programs to create an overall health enhancing work experience, along with introducing incentive programs in order to increase the participation and awareness of employees that can benefit from corporate wellness programs, but might be reluctant to do so. The pursuit for innovative ways to maintain a worker’s interest in wellness programs is now considered crucial because health and wellness of a workforce is proven to directly influence a company’s bottom line.

When incorporating health and wellness plans in the workplace, the addition of an incentive trip could be the perfect supplement. Stress is a significant factor in every employees well being and one of the best ways to reduce stress is to escape from your daily routine to an exotic location. Along with reducing stress, a recent internal survey showed that over ninety-three percent of responders agreed that incentive travel rewards improved their overall satisfaction with their company. The conclusions related to the surveys have led to an increase of businesses seeking out incentive travel programs through companies like Incentive Travel Solutions. It is now believed this is a certified method of improving health and wellness in the workplace, which directly leads to improved production.

It is a safe bet that almost everyone reading this blog will agree that sitting behind a desk at work all day, every day, is not conducive to one’s overall health and wellness. This is why it is important to give the human body and mind a well deserved break in order to recharge by engaging and participating in a relaxing trip to an exotic location. The introduction and continued provisioning of incentive travel trips tells a workforce that their employers are serious about concerns for the company’s overall health and wellness, and it encourages and demonstrates how taking time to get away and to de-stress is valuable part of work life, just like eating well, and exercising. In addition, business health and wellness programs have proven to directly effect the lowering of health insurance premiums for a company due to having healthier, more productive employees.

Finding ways to relax and escape the daily routine are difficult for most workers. Having a company offer a trip that an employee might otherwise not afford, grants an opportunity to relax and have the experience of a lifetime. The best part for businesses, is that incentive trips are easy to plan when you have a company with the experience and expertise in group travel.  The professionals at Incentive Travel Solutions can assist businesses of any size with information regarding incentive travel trips, and how these trips are a perfect idea for improving your employee’s health and wellness in the workplace.

An Incentive Trip Will Improve Sales Team Performance

It can be argued that the most stressful type of job in any industry is sales. Salespeople often do not have a set pay; they often do not work for a salary, only strict commission. This means that sales representatives are only paid if they are successful. That is only part of the stress, as sales representatives have to travel often, must solicit business, make cold calls, perform public speaking (which is often rated as one of the most feared scenarios voted on by people), and work much longer hours.

What was just described above is not an intermittent schedule; it is the norm for a sales representative’s workweek. As you might have guessed, it is easy for a sales representative to feel or become “burnt out,” and sometimes, the performance of a company’s sales representatives, or sales team might slump, especially if figures and quota numbers are down. Though business executives try to compensate with high dollar commission incentives, this is often times not enough. Sometimes, salespeople just need a vacation or want to get away.

An incentive trip will improve sales team performance.

The statement above is quickly proven as a general fact, as more sales reps are lauding all expense paid vacation getaways so they can rest, relax, recuperate, recharge, let off some steam, and have fun. An incentive trip provides an outlet for pure, unadulterated, and uninterrupted stress relief. More tests and analyses are showing that the performance of both individual sales reps and sales teams surge after returning from an incentive trip. Also, those same tests prove that sales representatives and sales teams maintain a consistent level of success for longer period, not only after returning from an incentive trip, but also when compared to receiving a monetary bonus.

Incentive Travel Solutions is a company that can arrange a perfect incentive trip for your salespeople. Our destinations are unique and exotic, and are guaranteed to satisfy to satisfy even the most fussy and unsettled of sales reps at your business. We promise that securing an incentive trip through our company will improve sales team performance.

Rewarding Employees with Incentive Travel Trips

As unbelievable as it might sound, business executives are finding that monetary bonuses just are not motivating employees the way it used to. Some believe that it may have to do with quota or goals being too far fetched to attain, while others believe that employees simply make peace with not fulfilling what is seen as merely an extension to a salary with which they have become comfortable, and never expected to receive additional funds in the first place. However, more businesses are finding success by rewarding employees with incentive travel. The success found with offering incentive travel likely has to do with the providing of a fresh alternative, combined with the notion that more people are favoring vacations over other types of rewards, but either do not have the funds or the time to take a long vacation that requires immense traveling.

Whatever the reason, businesses are finding success with incentive travel solutions across the board, which is why it is quickly gaining popularity. If rewarding employees with incentive travel is proving, with the overwhelming statistics from other companies, that productivity is increasing and corporate morale is dramatically improving, is it not time for your business to give it a try? You should contact a company seasoned in providing incentive travel options to businesses, such as Incentive Travel Solutions. At ITS, we take pride in our consistent success record with our consistently hassle-free booking, as well as our overwhelming approval record with the destination choices we offer.

All businesses live and die with employee output. Business owners are smart, and are rarely naïve and ignorant when it comes to inconsistencies in employee production. Reverse the negative trend by rewarding employees with incentive travel options. Contact ITS right away, and one of our seasoned professionals will explain, in detail, how our operation works, and how your company will drastically benefit from our wonderful incentive travel options.

Incentive Travel Trips Will Improve Employee Productivity

If you are a manager for a business, and you are in charge of employees, you might notice, at times, that company morale wanes. Even worse, you might encounter and increasingly unmotivated team with little to no motivation to improve their working habits and productivity. Smart companies who are experiencing this unfortunate indifference of employees toward their jobs will be hard at work to find a solution to the lethargic output. One successful way to boost morale and productivity would be to incorporate incentive travel trips.

Incentive travel trips will improve employee productivity. An all expense paid trip is a morale boosting incentive that offers something special for employees to look forward to as long as they meet or achieve certain requirements or a quota at their job. A paid vacations is also an effective solution that is a win-win for both sides, as employees earn a marvelous and one of a kind reward, and business owners acquire newly motivates employees who will help boost production. Feedback from companies that have already instilled this type of incentive prove how miraculously effective this solution has been for improving work ethic and overall revenue.

If you still need more convincing, then you should speak to a member of a professional and successful incentive travel organization such as Incentive Travel Solutions. Because we have been an absolute success in this industry for many years, and we are ready and willing to provide any information you need to decide whether this type of incentive is right for your company. We firmly believe that after speaking with one of our representatives, you will be convinced that incentive travel trips will improve employee productivity at your place of business, and you will be ready to allow ITS to book the vacation of a lifetime for those who meet your standards.

Incentive Travel Solutions will handle all of the details of the booking, so all you have to do is make sure you pack your toothbrush and make sure you do not miss your flight that will land you in a magnificent place full of memory making moments.

Improving Workplace Performance with Incentive Travel Programs

The constant grind of a workweek can be tiresome on the mind and even the body. Many people find it difficult to keep motivated each week, as workweek hours get longer, tighter deadlines increase pressure, and even weekends seem shorter, as many people find themselves putting in hours when they should be off. Today, people who put in that kind of time and only receive one week off a year, sometimes two weeks each year, if you are lucky, simply do not feel that is enough time off to break up the hectic schedule at work annually.

It would be wise for business owners and corporate decision makers to keep this in mind, when considering the hard work and pressure that some employees give and go through. Despite giving their all, employees can become unmotivated and lose their drive, especially if they feel they are not being recognized for the work they put in. Smart business owners will consider ways on improving workplace performance through incentive travel programs. Incentive travel programs are an excellent way to motivate employees to achieve new heights within the company and to improve workplace performance.

Most companies offer monetary bonuses, which of course is nice, but it does nothing to break up the longevity of a yearly grind at the office. With incentive travel programs, not only do worthy employees receive an all expense paid vacation, they also receive a week – sometimes longer – of excitement, adventure, relaxation, recuperation, and peace of mind. Often, employees prefer a company paid vacation versus a monetary bonus, because the needed time off makes it easier to return to work, ready to go. Subsequently, because all employees love the exotic locations our incentive travel programs offer, once they take a vacation through our travel agency, they will be motivated to achieve their numbers and quota for the next incentive travel program.

Incentive travel programs are a great way for improving workplace performance in the office. Incentive Travel Solutions provides unique and incredible locales that are guaranteed to make your employees feel important and needed. We are confident that once your employees experience our vacation packages, they will return with renewed motivation eager to earn  the next annual travel package.